1st Year of my Domain Blogging

I’m very much glad that this month I’ve completed one year in domain blogging. I started blogging about domains last year in the month of May2013 and since then I’ve continued to post articles relevant to domaining or domain names.

I started with SowDomain.com and last month I changed my site name to MeetDomains.com after realizing that meet is well understood than Sow.

I would like to thank all who’ve visited my blog, my twitter followers and especially AbdulBasit of AbdulBasit.com and Mark Harshisher of DomaiPicks.com for supporting me.

4 thoughts on “1st Year of my Domain Blogging

  1. Congrats on completing successful 1 year in blogging about domain names and sharing your personal experiences. Always nice to read your blog.

    Let me give you some fair feedback about your blog:

    1) Have an option for your readers to subscribe to your newsletter/new posts so they won’t be missing any of them.

    2) I would like to see a different theme for your blog.

    3) Sometimes my comment goes unpublished and vanish. When I try to submit comment again it says duplicate found and cannot be posted. Please check this issue as I have made few more comments on your blog but all gone missing!

    Wish you best of luck and happy domaining!

  2. Thanks for leaving your comments, suggestions and for being a regular reader. I’ve plans to add the theme and email-subscription for new posts to update my site.
    I’m not aware of comment going missing. Will try to fix this issue too.

    I highly appreciate your feedback and concern.

    • As discussed looking for some good themes to change the look and to correct commenting errors. Nice to have your feedback. Thanks!

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