Check the Location Address Before Sending an Outbound

Sending an outbound email to a potential party who maybe interested in your domain name is important. But, it should be done in a right way. One thing is to exercise care while sending it by following the commercial electronic message complaince and guidelines. Countries like Canada wants you to acquire a consent from the recipient before sending a commercial electronic message. There is lot of things beginning from drafting the outbound email to sending it to the right commercial/invdividual and at the right time.

Here I will be sharing with you a tip that I think is easy to implement. Before sending the outbound email, just make sure that you’re checking the location of the recipient from thier contact page. This reading gives you the information of where your recipient is going to read your email. Once, you get this information. Next thing, is to copy that location and then paste it in the Google search bar along with the time.

For example, if your prospective recipient is having the contact address as “Deerfield Beach.” You may copy the Deerfield Beach and paste in the Google as “Deerfield Beach time” You will get the result with the current time there.
If the time is in the range of office hours, then, your email might get noticed.

“When asked about the best time to send email, email marketers have often replied, “Tuesday through Thursday morning, between 8 and 10 am.” It’s been common knowledge throughout the industry that people tend to open their email in the mornings.” Source:

My DN Portfolio Status – Jan 2017

My domain name portfolio status for January 2017:

Here are the list of domains I renewed this month – Renewals

Dot com names
WinningCrowd – Listed at BrandBucket – Good for SEO related firm
SwipeMonkey – Listed at BrandBucket – Swipe has become a strong keyword in recent times
LovelyCrowd – Listed at BrandBucket – Heavy on social appreciation.
EZinspiration – Listed with Uniregistry (Received an inquiry on this)
OFYH – A 4 letter dot com name is always comes first when it is a time for renewal
InventFarm – Listed at BrandBucket – Two strong keywords. Some other extensions are taken
Designesse – It’s design + finesse. Design is a top keyword. But, inventive names takes time
Cycloner – Not a strong keyword. But, I see its application in tech/electronics fields
Brownery – Received couple of inquiries. So its a keeper. Again an inventive name
AccountingPress – One of my very old domain name. Received an inquiry.
AccountingAndAuditing – Need to renew it as it has good monthly searches.

.me Domains
I have this one word UnManned.Me – Will renew it, unmanned is popular keyword. A term related with UAV’s and driverless vehicles

The following dot com names I will be dropping: Multiply your cash. Can you crunch a Target? : An inventive name based on accountancy. But, I am letting it go. I have another name on coin which is which I’ll be keeping.
CrowdDepot: Crowd a popular keyword. But, don’t seem to go well with Depot.

Review of 3 letter domains ending with TC

AcronymFinderAcronymFinder lists around 277 definitions for TC acronym. Among so many the one that stood out to me was the term ‘Telecommunications’ which is a one word with Tele+Communications and TC as its acronym

The Telecommunication market is huge. With growing mobile phone usage, the telecommunication companies will just keep growing. Insight Research Insight Research projects that telecommunications services revenue worldwide will grow from $2.2 trillion in 2015 to $2.4 trillion in 2019.

But, after analyzing the 26 three letter domains ending with TC, I realized that TC may stand for Technologies, Technology, Travel, training followed with Center, company or corporation. And, these industries are worth billions of dollars.

In view of it I made a quick research to see what companies are using a 3 letter domains ending with TC. – Advanced Technology Center – Site under construction – Bitcoin – An existing website. The domain reportedly sold for $1 million – Concurrent Technologies Corporation – Existing website – Forwards to (A name that forwards is basically not in use and maybe available for sale) – Etcetera Technology Corporation – Site status is under construction – Unresolved page – Forwards to website – Hightech Computer – A Taiwanese consumer electronics company. – Parked page – Parked page – Forwards to – Long term care – An existing website – Parked page – Parked page – Parked page – Parametric Technology company – Parked page – An existing website – Forwards to (In Saudi Arabia its stands for Saudi Telecom Company – – The Travel Corporation – An existing website – United Technologies – An existing website – Virtual Training Company – An existing website – World Trade Center – Unresolved page – Your Travel Center – An existing website – A parked page

The results:
Parked Page Domains – 7
Under Construction Domains – 2
Unresolved Domains – 2
Forward Domains – 4
Existing Biz website domains – 11

Google search for the various under constructed and parked domains shows lot of potential end users. And, clearly all domains above are worth 6 to 7 figures at retail pricing.

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Case No. 1687597 – UDRP –

Often UDRP cases are related to two parties: A respodent and a complainant. But, what happens if the respondent are two corporations fighting together for one domain? This is the case No. 1687597 – The domain in question is

It caught my attention. On 20th September 2016, the domain was transferred to the right owner. But, who will be the owner of a Domain like where two big corporations are involved Goolge and Nike?

The Decision paragraph of this case goes as follows:
Having established all three elements required under the ICANN Policy, the Panel concludes that relief shall be GRANTED. In that regard, the Panel notes that Complainant Nike Inc. has, with the consent of Complainant Google Inc., requested that the disputed domain name be transferred to Complainant Nike Inc.

Accordingly, it is Ordered that the domain name be TRANSFERRED from Respondent to Complainant Nike Inc.

Full case history is available at:

Most of the Trademark violations when it comes to domains are related to one corporation. But, reading this case makes me think how someone can take a double threat?

But, one more interesting fact I found that this UDRP was filed earlier by NIKE Inc -Case No 1679233 and it was denied.

When Google and Nike together filed the URDP – They were able to claim this name.

Renewal and Drops of My Domain Names

I own very few liquid domains like 4 letters and some numeric ones. The other type of liquid domains that has at least some value in the eyes of domain investors are my Brandbucket approved names. Most of my portfolio at the moment consists of hand registered domain names. I’ve been into this business since last 3 year and I do it part-time.

Every month I make a plan to renew and drop some of the names. I not look for quick flips. I haven’t sold any domain at Namepros or to domain investors. I plan to hold my names for the right end user. Patience is important in domaining. And, this is how you succeed ultimately in this business.

This month I renewed the following domain names under dot com:

HowtoBuild (dot) org
Deo (dot) me

Will be dropping:

Incomplete: Names which I may renew:

It’s always not easy to drop names. Dot com names are becoming rarer every day. Some of the names which I renewed are listed at BrandBucket and there are some names like Smartress on which I received some inquiries.