What to Think of the Last Letter in Short Names

After a long time, I thought to share again my thoughts on domains. And, here is my article on What to Think of the Last Letter in Short Names.

Now a days, short names are in great demand from the investors as well as the end users. There are 676 (2 letters), 17576 (3 letters) and 456976 (4 letters) totaling 475228 names. In this post, I am not looking at the values these names or categories represent but I will be looking at the last letter and its meaning to the businesses.
Good letter-quality names are important but sometimes if the ending letter is a good one then the other letters doesn’t matter much. Lets see what the ending letter may denotes to different companies or organizations around the world. My focus is especially on businesses and here are my observations:

A: Associations, Associates, Animals
B: Bank, Branch, Bureau
C: Corporation, Company, Center, City
D: Direct, Digital
E: Estate, Energy, Engineering
F: Factory, Family, Financial
G: Group, Global
H: House, Hospital, Home,
I: Internet, International, Industrial
J: Job, Joint
K: Knowledge,
L: Logistics, Local, Lab
M: Maintenance, Market
N: Network, National
O: Online, Organization
P: Professionals, Program
Q: Quality
R: Retail, Repair
S: Service, Solutions
T: Transport, Tech, Travel
U: Universal, United, University
V: Venture
W: Works, Writers
X: Exchange
Y: Young,
Z: Zen

I’ve tried to put closely what a business may use the last letter so don’t take it as final. Thoroughly review the name before buying and most importantly before selling. The key is understanding the real worth of each 4 and 3 letters name.

Are You Using Two-Factor Authentication?

Recently I forgot the password for one of my Google email account. It happened because since long time I didn’t used that account. The usual way to recover the password for me is to use my alternate email address. But, this time, I used the phone verification. Quickly a code was sent to my phone from Google and with in no-time I was successfully able to change the password to a new-one.

Second factor authentication or two-factor authentication is gaining popularity. And, it provides an extra layer of security. But, if you lose your device, or if your device is compromised in some way it creates a virtual spiral of problems. Retaining the device and not losing it is important. I’ve been so far very casual with my device. But, this experience gave me an insight to be more possessive and to be careful with my phone device. As it’s not just a code receiver but can also be used to change passwords and account details.

To increase security further I’m planning to have an another phone number and a device just for the sake of generating two-factor authentication codes and to limit its use and not to make it easily accessible.

Following Wikipedia articles will give you more info:
Two-Factor Authentication
Short Message Service

We domainers always see the availability of domains when we learn something. I found ‘SecondFactorAuthentication.com’ available and registered it using GoDaddy coupon codes. It has around 175EMD and around $9 CPC. And the TwoFactorAuthentication.com is the real term which has 10K EMDs and $13CPC. In short it’s called 2FA and 2FA.com is an active site providing two-factor authentication service. Good to see an active domain on an exact match term. Most of the TLDs are registered with 2FA term but if you like new gTLDs then .link is available as of this post. And, I think, .link goes well for such a term.

Why Some Companies Don’t Invest in Domain Names

In today’s virtual space having a killer domain name is important because it enhances the brand as well as increases the revenue. A domain name which is just been registered for the sake of web presence offers little or no value at all. And, there are some companies who think that investing in a good domain name is not necessary. In my observation the following maybe the reasons why some companies don’t invest in quality domain names. Here they are:

Lack of awareness: Some companies and their respective management team are just not aware that there exist a secondary market for quality domain names. They are not aware of the term Domainers too. This is the case with a lot of companies around the globe. If there is no awareness that domain names can change the fate of the company then there will be no action to correct the existing name on which the company has built their businesses. We often see hyphenated versions, long versions and other weird versions of a domain when in fact the right version is available for them to register. Even while hand registering a domain name some companies don’t choose the right one.

Cost Factor: Right domain name comes with a cost. And, if the Sales manager together with IT manager succeeds in making a conclusion that cheap name can also be used in place of a costly one then those companies are unlikely to contact the right domainer or bid in an aftermarket for a good name.

IT Team: IT department exists in almost all companies and IT team often are not aware of the value of domain name. Some times the IT is deployed to do an effective SEO on a cheap domain name to get results on top. They may succeed as a SEO specialist but just fails in understanding how brands and domains work.

Choices: Why invest in a good name when there are lot of new-gTLDS as well as ccTLDs are available? This too is a strong reason why some companies don’t invest in a strong domain name.

Above some of the reasons in my opinion backed by some companies to continue using their existing name over a good one.

EMD Is Not Necessary – We Are Found in Google

Most of the business owner make claims that they don’t need an exact match domain name because they think that their website is being easily found in Google. It’s a great feeling to see your site scoring well on search engines as most of the users nowadays get to a particular website using search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. It’s assumed that if your site has good content traffic follows easily. But, just having a good content is not enough in today’s competitive online marketing world. A good exact match domain is also important. Business owners who build their web presence on exact match domains have following advantages over those who use a non-exact match domain name:

1. Authority: Users associate authority to a particular website if they notice in search engine result pages a domain that matches exactly with the search term they are looking for. It means other websites although topping the results are likely to be ignored at first glance. Natural visit goes to an EMD website.

2. Direct Type-In Traffic: Having an exact match domain helps a business owner to secure some direct type-in traffic. And, it’s a well know fact that direct type-in traffic conversion rate is better than any other form of traffic generation. So, if a business is not having an EMD it means it’s losing some sales to its competitors. If the domain is parked the revenue is enjoyed by a particular domainer and if it’s developed a higher profit is being made by another business entity.

3. Search Engine affinity: Most of the search engines favors exact match domains in their top listings. For example DuckDuckGo lists in its organic results almost all exact match domains matching search query at the top. A well developed website on an exact match domain is likely to top the organic search pages even on top search engines.

It’s clear that to have a successful online presence one need an exact match domain whether developed or just in possession so that the revenue stream remains intact or at least it’s not leaked.

Is Estibot Valuation of Bitcoin.com Domain Right?

I often check Estibot.com and Valuate.com which is powered by Estibot in order to research domain name appraisal. Its features such as exact match search, cost per click, ad competition and other factors are worthy of consideration. Most of the Domainers take clue from such appraisal tools and adjust their domain prices accordingly.

Well, it happened today. I checked Bitcoin.com Domain appraisal at Estibot.com and I was surprised to get this result as shown in this screen shot.


Just $130?

Certainly, no one will ever agree with this sort of valuation for a killer domain like Bitcoin.com. A Domain which is worth more than a million dollar doesn’t deserve such a bad rating.

On the other hand, FreeValuator.com appraises Bitcoin.com at $42,456.56 which is much better than Estibot but still too low compare to its market value. We know that couple of months ago HeritageAuction.com was involved in Brokering Bitcoins.com and were expecting $750K in sale. If Bitcoins.com was expected to bring $750k then certainly the Bitcoin.com domain is worth more than bitcoins.com name.

Sometime it happens Estibot doesn’t properly recognizes the word or combination of words. I’ve a domain Howtobuild.org and Estibot reads it wrongly as “Howto build” and shows an exact match 26 searches only where as the Google keyword tool shows more than 1800 searches.

So, I thought Estibot tool may not be reading the word Bitcoin properly and I checked the other details as follows:

Average Monthly Search Stats – Exact Match – [bitcoin]
Monthly Searches:300,120
Cost Per Click:$1.18 USD
Ad Competition:low
Data Age:Recent

All data seems is OK above. But, still how come $130 valuation for a domain with 300,000+ searches and CPC above $1?