Review of 3 letter domains ending with TC

AcronymFinderAcronymFinder lists around 277 definitions for TC acronym. Among so many the one that stood out to me was the term ‘Telecommunications’ which is a one word with Tele+Communications and TC as its acronym

The Telecommunication market is huge. With growing mobile phone usage, the telecommunication companies will just keep growing. Insight Research Insight Research projects that telecommunications services revenue worldwide will grow from $2.2 trillion in 2015 to $2.4 trillion in 2019.

But, after analyzing the 26 three letter domains ending with TC, I realized that TC may stand for Technologies, Technology, Travel, training followed with Center, company or corporation. And, these industries are worth billions of dollars.

In view of it I made a quick research to see what companies are using a 3 letter domains ending with TC. – Advanced Technology Center – Site under construction – Bitcoin – An existing website. The domain reportedly sold for $1 million – Concurrent Technologies Corporation – Existing website – Forwards to (A name that forwards is basically not in use and maybe available for sale) – Etcetera Technology Corporation – Site status is under construction – Unresolved page – Forwards to website – Hightech Computer – A Taiwanese consumer electronics company. – Parked page – Parked page – Forwards to – Long term care – An existing website – Parked page – Parked page – Parked page – Parametric Technology company – Parked page – An existing website – Forwards to (In Saudi Arabia its stands for Saudi Telecom Company – – The Travel Corporation – An existing website – United Technologies – An existing website – Virtual Training Company – An existing website – World Trade Center – Unresolved page – Your Travel Center – An existing website – A parked page

The results:
Parked Page Domains – 7
Under Construction Domains – 2
Unresolved Domains – 2
Forward Domains – 4
Existing Biz website domains – 11

Google search for the various under constructed and parked domains shows lot of potential end users. And, clearly all domains above are worth 6 to 7 figures at retail pricing.

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This site is currently inactive but NOT for sale



While researching my LLL series of domains, I came across and what I found on the site I copied here as shown in the above picture.

I’m just wondering how can someone may use someone else’s domain name to conduct business. And, this maybe the reason why has put up this notice on their site. But, I think instead of putting such a notice the domain owner has to find some other options. Use of your domain without your knowledge or by some technical hacking ways is illegal and entails monetary aspect also. The domain gets devalued due to its unfair use.

And, when starts its own business online then I think it needs to find a way to stop somebody else from using their domain to conduct business and at that time mentioning ‘it’s out of our control’ to stop somebody else from abusing BGB domain name will not make much sense.

3 Letter Domains: age, agf, agg, agh, agi, agj, agk, agl, agm, agn

Today we’re going to analyse three letter domain for series 161-170. As usual I’ll list the 3 letter acronym full title if available and also a very brief introduction about the company/website for educational purpose. If you wish to have more information I encourage you to access the website.

age is actually an English word and everyone knows what it means. This domain seems to be an ultra premium domain because it has 3 letters and it means something in a language spoken worldwide. I thought I would visit a great website associated with this domain but sadly it’s parked with SEDO. Is it for sale or not is not clear so contact the owner if you wish to know more.

AGF: American Growth Fund.
AGF is one of the largest independent Canadian investment management firms in business to deliver predictable excellence in money management, a wide spectrum of products and outstanding client service.
On an environmental level it raises awareness about the Sumatran tiger which is its corporate symbol.

AGG: Arnall Golden Gregory
AGG LLP is a law firm in Atlanta, Miami and Washington DC, that serves the business needs of growing public and private companies. AGG provides clients the tools they need to turn legal challenges into business opportunities not just at home, but abroad.

AGH: Not clear but G for Greg and H for Heinze are indicated
The website says “Well, it was a nice run, but now it’s over. After about a gazillion years of selling microscopes, Greg and Ellen Heinze have finally retired and relinquished their distributorship back to Nikon.”

AGI: Analytical Graphics Inc.
AGI develops commercial modeling and analysis software for the space, defense and intelligence communities. Used by more than 40,000 engineers, operators and analysts worldwide, AGI software avoids the cost of reinvention, eliminates stovepipes and reduces risks associated with unproven tools.

It’s similar to a site which I’ve listed previously for domains such as,, etc. It says “A new project is coming to you. Revolutionizing Social Media.”

This domain is for sale. Follow the domain link if you’re interested to get more details.

It looks like a parked page with ads running. Contact the owner to get more information on this.

AGM: Apollo Global Management.
If you’re in corporate sector you know AGM is for Assistant General Manager. Anyway, it’s here for Apollo Global Management a value-oriented investors in private equity, credit and real estate.

agn is for sale, follow the link for more information.

3 Letter Domains: afu, afv, afw, afx, afy, afz, aga, agb, agc, agd

Here are today’s list of 3 letter domain names and their respective features. Usually I list the 3 letter acronym title if it’s listed and a small description about the nature of the website for educational purpose.

In below’s list domains such as afx and afz are listed for sale and there are some other domains whose status is unknown.

afu is a website where computer books you can really use by Peter van der Linden are listed. Amazon link is available to order. The last update date reflects on the site is 20 August 2007. I guess contacting the domain owner may be helpful for knowing its status.

AFV: America’s FunniestHome Videos
America’s Funniest Home Videos is a weekly television series featuring home videos of adults, children, animals and even inanimate objects at their spontaneous best. It has a huge Facebook likes.

AFW: American Furniture Warehouse takes you to American furniture warehouse offers living room furniture, bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, rntertainment furniture, home Office furniture, patio furniture, mattresses, & accessories.

afx is under parking with SEDO and it’s not clearly listed for sale. Contact the owner.

afy is for sale, visit the site and submit your offer. A $19 is charged for offer submission.

afz is for sale, submit your best offer.

AGA is Northern Europe’s leading industrial gas company and part of The Linde Group.

I encountered a page not found error. If you’re interested re-check the site or contact the owner.

AGC: Asahi Glass Company
I remember which was analysed earlier also takes you to Asahi Glass Company focuses on industries such as flat glass, automotive glass, display, electronics & energy, and chemicals. webpage is displaying third party advertisers ads. No domain for sale information is quoted. Analysis: afk, afl, afm, afn, afo, afp, afq, afr, afs, aft

Here are todays analyzation for series 141-150. Domain for sale and domains where ads are served or if the page is not found is indicated in bold. You may contact the registrants of such domains to know if it’s for sale.

Page not found.

At presently ads are served and no other information is noticed.

It lands you to a Facebook page related to KOZO

Page not found. Who is list registrant as iMerchants Hong Kong Limited.

afo: Advanced Furniture Outfitters
Advanced Furniture Outfitters, Inc.™ has been America’s premiere provider of Sauder furniture for the home, office, apartment, or dorm since 1995. Sauder is the number one manufacturer of ready-to-assemble furniture in America.

afp: Agence France-Presse
AFP is a global news agency delivering fast, in-depth coverage of the events shaping our world from wars and conflicts to politics, sports, entertainment and the latest breakthroughs in health, science and technology.

afq is displaying ads and it’s for sale at a listing price of US$ 8,888

AFR: Australian Financial Review
The Australian Financial Review has been the authority on business, finance and investment news in Australia. It is an essential reading for Australia’s business and investor community.

afs dot com domain name will take you to

AFP: Applied Flow Technology
Applied Flow Technology is a leader in the pipe flow modeling software market. AFT software has helped companies in many industries design safer, more efficient systems and solve operational problems.