Matching XYZ Domain Usage by Registrars

Whatever be the opinion of domainers or businesses the new generic top level domain xyz ever since its launch was in news and limelight. Whether it’s free push to Netsol registrants accounts or a xyz domain for a penny, the domain community has witnessed it all. As of today as per the website the total xyz domains are 6,455,327 and it seems it’s doing good and will stay.

I thought to make a little online search to see how different domain registrars are using .xyz domains and here is the result. : “Finally! A domain for the .xyz generation”

Namecheap: : “Uniregistry is not forwarding the users to search and register a .xyz domain like the above three registrars. : It’s available for registration. I think NameBright is not much concerned with its registration as they are not providing new gtld’s registrations. : Takes you to an Uniregistry lander page This name is not resolving Takes you to where you can enter a search for finding .xyz name Its not resolving

Most of the registrars are using the .xyz domains as a protective registration.

Registered Three .Club Domains Includes Mktg.Club

Recently I registered three .club domain names at NameCheap. The promo offer was very good. It costed me 0.88 for a club domain plus the 0.18 Icann fee. All together it was $1.06. The problem was finding a .club domain which is available at that rate. And, it was really difficult to spot such domains.

Searching at Namecheap is also difficult. Their search functionality doesn’t allow more than 50 domains at a time for searching. And, this makes the task lot difficult. I headed toward Uniregistry where at one time I was able to search nearly 3000 domains. And, as usual most of them were premium domains. And, what was available were either plurals of a single word or were not so popular words. I was using the dictionary approach to search domains and it seems many are already reserved and are tagged at premium prices.

Well, after a good search which was not complete I registered the following domains: – I really like this one because Mktg is short for marketing and it’s a popular acronym, the other two were and both are I think have some value. I listed all of them at buy now prices at website. And, I used the SEDO valuation.  It valued at $ 949, Copier at $1,999 and Brite.Club at 2,999.

I was having the plan to register at least 10 domains at registration fee but I find it too difficult to spot the good ones which are available.

Well, with the above three domains plus one which I had earlier my .Club domains tally has reached to 4. The other one was SoftSkills.Club which is also listed for sale at make offer.

.Club is a successful new gTLD and at present it stands at 5th position at which shows .club registrations at around 581,099 and I think the number will likely to increase as Chinese buyer too have taken a liking to this new gTLD.

.MBA Says You Mean Business

You should be a professional in order for you to register a .pro domain. But to get a dot MBA (Master of Business Administration) domain no such conditions are applicable. .MBA domain is operated by Lone Hollow LLC. It’s at present in the early access period. shows just 49 domains in the zone file.

.MBA is set to go into the general availability on 2 September, 2015. It will be interesting to note how many registrations .mba will get on day one. I believe there are many MBA’s around the globe who can be benefited from this TLD. No doubt, it’s the most popular postgraduate degree and deserve a TLD of its own. But, I don’t think if you’re an MBA you want to have an MBA domain. Also, Its registration and renewal fee will be an important factor too. Since it’s ‘Donuts’ TLD the renewal fee will be high.

It’s a popular suffix by domain count but it’s difficult to estimate how many are actually referring to MBA as some other words also ends with mba such as rumba, samba, and many other words belonging to other languages.

To market .mba domain extension effectively some popular registrars are using the following taglines:
Name “.MBA lets you show what you know”
Godaddy “.mba says you mean business”
Enom “.MBA provides an extension that signals professionalism.” “.mba the Domain dedicated to your business”

If you want to do per-registrations the rates are different based on the domain quality. For example: pre-registration cost is $27.99, is at $44.99 where as is at $249.99 at Godaddy provided nobody bids it during the early access period. After the first day success of .online extension I think .mba got some advantage in terms of awareness. Those who are new to the domain game and has just registered .online may well wish to register a .mba domain.

Your chance of getting a nice .mba domain is good as I don’t see much competition for this TLD like the .Online.

The Day When Dot Will Be Dropped!

Imagine a day when we not at all use the ‘dot’ to mention a domain name. Although right of the dot may continue to be in used in the written material but verbally it maybe avoided. Just review the following names:

Visit ‘BuyOnline’ website
visit ‘NetWork’ website
Visit ‘TransferMoney’ website
Visit ‘SellCheap’ website
Visit ‘CoffeeClub’ website
Visit ‘ABCXYZ’ website

It will be assumed that the user knows exactly where to put the ‘dot’ to arrive to the right website. It will save advertising time that goes in mentioning ‘dot’ and also it will end up creating a better impact. This could may become true for the new generic top level domains that makes sense when joined with the correct left of the dot. If this happens then this will become a good success indicator for the new generic top level domains. But, for old top level domains such as .com, .net, .org and also many ccTLD extensions this may not work at all, simply because users are very much attuned to saying ‘com’ ‘.net’ or ‘.org’ after the ‘dot’.

More Domain Extensions = More Confusion

It was not until last year that an average internet user was able to have no problems with the right of the dot. Usually, while visiting a website the .com was assumed and if the webpage doesn’t resolves, users put the .net, .org to quickly jump to the right website. But, with the advent of the new gTLDs the matter has become quite confusing. An user has now more than 1000 choices for the right of the dot extensions (Inclusive of country codes). As per the ICANN at present 734 new gTLDs are introduced to the internet, plus we have the old TLDs and lots of ccTLDs. More choices means more confusion.

How this is going to workout in favor of the registrars? Who will succeed and who will flounder? Who will go ahead and who will get out? is a big question. Neither registrars nor the average internet users have any scientific analysis of the outcome of this new domain business. But, it’s predicted – many new gTLDs will die soon. It’s really going to be an interesting analysis for a future period to see which one succeeds and which one doesn’t.

Aggressive marketing is the only solution by the respective registrars of new gTLDs to promote awareness among the end users. Domainers is a very small community of entrepreneurs who are aware of this trend. But, they are not the real end users and can’t hold large portfolio if there’s not much liquidity. This is the reason why end users are required who can use the new gTLDs and promote their web addresses using them. End users in fact are the real marketers of new gTLDs. When they use any domain they indirectly promote the right of the dot along with their new name. And this type of massive promotion by end users is the only key to reduce confusion and type-in traffic leakage to the .com domains. It will not certainly clear the confusion but will significantly reduce its effects.