Check the Location Address Before Sending an Outbound

Sending an outbound email to a potential party who maybe interested in your domain name is important. But, it should be done in a right way. One thing is to exercise care while sending it by following the commercial electronic message complaince and guidelines. Countries like Canada wants you to acquire a consent from the recipient before sending a commercial electronic message. There is lot of things beginning from drafting the outbound email to sending it to the right commercial/invdividual and at the right time.

Here I will be sharing with you a tip that I think is easy to implement. Before sending the outbound email, just make sure that you’re checking the location of the recipient from thier contact page. This reading gives you the information of where your recipient is going to read your email. Once, you get this information. Next thing, is to copy that location and then paste it in the Google search bar along with the time.

For example, if your prospective recipient is having the contact address as “Deerfield Beach.” You may copy the Deerfield Beach and paste in the Google as “Deerfield Beach time” You will get the result with the current time there.
If the time is in the range of office hours, then, your email might get noticed.

“When asked about the best time to send email, email marketers have often replied, “Tuesday through Thursday morning, between 8 and 10 am.” It’s been common knowledge throughout the industry that people tend to open their email in the mornings.” Source:

How to Find More Acronyms for LLLL Domains?

If you’re a Domainer it’s likely that you maybe holding few or many LLLL domains. Lately, LLLL domains became a hot category. Up until last year there were many LLLL domains were available in other extensions like .net, .org, etc. But, it’s now no more. In record time all LLLL domains in premium extensions are taken. They are available but not at registration cost.

Well, if you’ve LLLL names then following questions are important to review:

  1. Is my LLLL domain is pronounciable
  2. If it’s not pronounceable then what acronyms it serves

Well, if it’s pronounceable then it can be a brand for some company. You may either wait or contact end users or publish it at brandable market places. And, if it’s not pronounceable then you have to find the proper acronyms for your LLLL domains.

I’m here giving you an example of a domain name which I own. The domain is Y U Q L under dot com. And, I’m looking for acronyms. I checked it and found there are no active acronyms for it. Is it over. No!

I split the word YUQL to two parts one is YU and the other QL

Lets review the YU acronyms:

YU    York University (Canada)
YU    Yugoslavia (ISO Country Identifier)
YU    Yeshiva University (New York, NY, USA; founded 1886)
YU    Yale University
YU    Yusuke Urameshi (anime)
YU    Yarmouk University (Jordan)
YU    Yeditepe University (Istanbul, Turkey)

And with QL I found the following

QL    Quick Look
QL    Queensland (Australia)
QL    Quality of Life (USAF funding issues)
QL    Quantum Leap
QL    Quality of Life (well-being)
QL    Query Language
QL    Quality Level
QL    Quadratus Lumborum (muscle)
QL    Quantification Limit (chemistry)
QL    Quiche Lorraine
QL    Qualification Level (Canadian military)
QL    Quantum Libet (Latin: As Much As You Please)
QL    O-Ethyl-2-Diisopropylaminoethyl Methylphosphonite
QL    Quad Left
QL Qatar Living
QL Quality limited
QL Quality Logo
QL Quality Laboratory

Then I put in Google the following Yuniversity queensland and and with other variations following popped up:

Yunxia Zhu University Queensland
Yu Chengzong University Queensland
Youtube Quantum Leap (If Youtube is read as ‘Yu’)
Universal Query Language (If ‘YU’ is read as ‘U’ and I this order I’m able to trace more)
Your Quality of Life (If ‘YU’ is short for Your)

Well, the above are some observation of how LLLL can be an acronym for some of the businesses. What I did above is not obviously correct but brand experts often do like this to come up with some weird ideas when it comes to naming.

Also you’ve to see what are the top words your LLLL may refer to. If I analyze YUQL
Y: Yale | Yahoo | Yellow Pages | Yours
U: University | Universal | Union | Uber | | UK
Q: Quality | Quest | Quantum | Qatar | Queensland
L: Land | Limited | Lab

Since, we own very few LLLL domains – It makes sense to analyze it carefully before suggesting a price to an end user. You never know with what acronym the end user has come to ask for your domain but you can at least guess if you have taken care to know more your LLLL domain.

The Lucky 8 Number Domain Table


The above is the table reflecting domain number 8. It all begins with 1 number domain 8 and all the way upto 63 character domain consisting of number 8. The Chinese investors love to invest when they see the number 8. Only number 8 in a given domain name is really very good. A five character number 8 domain sold for $245000 in year 2013. Then just imagine how much valuable a 4, 3, and 2 character number 8 only domains are. Well, I thought it maybe interesting to see if any number 8 only domain is available. We know that we can register upto 63 character domain name and based on that order I’ve compiled the above list.

Well, is any domain then available? No. All domains from single character to 63 characters are all registered in all major extensions such as .com, .net, .org and there maybe others too. Why? Simply it’s rare. And, most of the Chinese investors see rarity. They prioritize rarity of a domain name over the actual development. And, this is the reason why so many short domains got all registered and domains which were not in demand are now in great demand. Such as 4 character domains and numerics even 5 character domains are in demand.

Though I don’t advise you to register any of the domain with pattern 8 in that but if you wish to retain any in any other new gTLDs then you can use my above table to search for the availability.

Thanks to Don W. for highlighting the importance of number 8.

Top Longest Domains Dropping Today

Everyday thousands of domains get deleted from the domain databases. Most of these domains are .com names which forms a huge 70-80% of the total domains out in the net-space. The longest domain name length is 63 characters and some people avail this facility to say things they like. In one way it’s good way of expressing something very important in a very short manner. Twitter tweets allows user up to 140 characters per tweet and it has emerged very successful with this unique feature. So, why not use a domain name length feature to express something important?

Well, When it comes to domaining or naming your business the shorter version names are regarded as better. Because it creates less confusion and helps customers remember your name. It’s one of the reason why larger names are considered junk.

But, there are out people who register everyday long names taking full advantage of the domain length to express their point of view in a domain name format and makes it permanent for at least a year. Today while browsing through the pending delete I found these interesting or not so interesting larger names:

how to live like a millionaire when you re a million
bachelor of science in business
american painless laser tattoo removal
the 9 principles of heart centered

I think sometimes the longest domains gives clue of the pain a registrant has when he/she fails to get a short .com name and to heal the frustration – a larger version gets registered just for fun. Also, the longest domains gives a hint of what types of domains are really getting rare and invaluable. From the above list it’s not hard to guess that money; apps, wifi; tattoo; business and repair related good names are not easy to get for a reg fee. This is true especially for the end users who’re not much familiar with naming.

Marcaria – Good Place to Search ccTLD Registrations

Visit if you would like to do international domain registration or just make a search to see whether it’s available or not. And, if your preferred registrar doesn’t provide that service then Marcaria is a good place.

Most of the registrars have limited ccTLD registration choices. From Domaining perspective we are well aware of the fact that many end-users switch their domains from a specific ccTLD choice to a dot com domain for universal appeal and reach. Looking for registrations of your .com domain for matching ccTLD domains will be helpful to understand and locate a particular buyers geographical location as well as will be helpful in determining buyers buying strength.

At present it looks Marcaria provides registrations under North America, South America, Central America, Africa, Asia, Middle east, Europe and Oceania. On the other hand it also covers several new gTLDs domain extensions. For example, I’ve a domain and when I made a search of ccTLD I found there is and

As a disclaimer I would like to advise you to read first their terms of use before you use their system extensively.