Do You Own a LLL Domain Starting With BO?

This information is for you if you own a LLL domain starting with letters BO and ending with a,b,c,…x,y,z. I’ve a website where I’m updating currently LLL domain name acronyms. Yesterday, I analyzed BOA to BOZ series of LLL letters and I found one interesting pattern. I’ve found that the series of LLL domains containing BOA – BOZ are liked a lot by Banking Industry.

Some examples of dot com domains are as follows:

bof:- Bank of Fayetteville
boh:- Bank of Hawaii
boi:- Bank of Ireland
bok:- Bank of Oklahoma
bov:- Bank of Valeletta
bob:- Best of Business

From the above it’s clear that BO stands for “Bank of” the last letter in the LLL domain maybe related to a country or city. So, if you as a Domainer own a LLL domain under .com, .net, .org or any ccTLD then take a note that the inquiry maybe coming from someone related to banking industry. You need to work on the last letter to figure out the city or country or any other name pertinent to your domain. It’s not that 100% inquiries will come from bankers but you can think this as one of the probable prospect. And, since banking is a very profitable business, the chance for you to get a good bargain is also high. Banking is a trillion dollar industry and most of the banking firms do well.

Useful Wikipedia Domain Pages

This is a list of useful Wikipedia domain pages:

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.com to search other extensions replace .com with other TLD. for example you can replace .com with .net to view .net wiki page
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I’ve tried to list as many Wiki pages as possible related to domain names. These links are good for beginners who’re just starting domaining or those who are interested in protecting and enhancing their business related domain names.

Fell free to post a link in comment if I’ve missed something very important.

Should You Explain The Potential Benefits of Your Domain Name?

As a Domainers we’re in the business of selling names and sometimes an offer comes which puts more demand on us as the prospective customer may like to know how this domain name maybe helpful to his business. Lot depends on the type of domain name about which the customer is inquiring. If the name is self-explanatory and is a premium one or two word domain name then I think it doesn’t require that extra push or teaching.

And If a customer asks for appraisal or some stats on the name, then we may forward them to Estibot site where they may type the domain name and gets the relevant stats. But, it doesn’t work for all the names and most of us has some names that may have a zero appraisal value. And, if a customer needs explanation or some stats on such names then it’s difficult to provide it to him. In such cases, name significance is more important than the stats. A customer should understand that he is buying only Name from the seller. He should work out himself on other stuff such as SEO value, business value and other pertinent parameters relevant to that particular domain name.

I don’t think we as a Domainers can do well the all-rounder job of a SEO, webmaster and so on. We should limit ourselves to what we do better that is finding better names for which businesses are willing to pay whether it scores zero or ten on a SEO analysis card. As we know that there are many names that have been bought and sold to end-users whose meaning and SEO values were almost nil.

Domain Renewal Call Facility

We see every-day many domains get dropped and enters the aftermarket where premium and good quality domains gets bids and are taken. Not all dropped domains are taken but it’s also true that not all dropped domains are dropped completely. Some of the reasons why domains are dropped are:

1.Registrant forgets to renew the domain name
2.Registrant not sets on auto the domain renewal
3.Registrant’s credit card expires and it doesn’t validate the transactions
4.Registrant loses his/her email address and doesn’t get any domain renewal information
5.Registrant intentionally allows the domain to expire which is very common

Above are some reasons why domains get dropped. Well, I’ve this idea to share. Whenever a domain expires the registrar sends notification to the email on account and follows a procedure before letting it go to the auction house. But, the registrar never calls or makes a telephone call to the registrant telling him/her that ‘hey your domain is expiring’ renew it soon to avoid it getting dropped.

My Idea:
I think it will be great if registrar start providing this domain renewal call facility service at a minimum price. This add-on service should be given as a choice at the time of domain registration similar to privacy and other add-on choices which the registrar gives during the process of registration.
Those who think they need the call facility to add that extra layer of security to their domains may opt-in for that service by paying some minimum fee. And, those who wish not may just skip it.

Every-year millions of domains gets renewed and many are accidentally dropped just because the registrant loses the account information and I think this facility will be great. The registrar can make lot of money through this add-on and save many number of domains from accidentally expiring.

What you think of this Idea?

Separating Domaining With Blogging

Not all Domainers are Bloggers and not all Bloggers are Domainers. But, there are some individuals who are Bloggers as well as Domainers. The question comes to my mind is that should we separate Domaining with Blogging?

The answer is not clear. I think some domain bloggers do domaining on the domain on which they also do blogging. Myself, I use a public email service to respond to domain inquiries and use this site as a reference. But, I’ve decided to use another domain name for my Domaining activities in order to separate Domaining from Blogging. This allows me to protect my domain blog if something not good happens with Domaining.

As we send end-user emails and negotiate with prospective buyers upon inquiries there is a slight chance that someone may misread us and propagate wrong information online using our domain name. This in turn may effect our online reputation. Or, we may hit by an unexpected UDRP case and the domain which we may have used for answering may go public wrong-way. Not only this, as blogs generate revenue I think it make sense to separate domain blogging with Domaining by forming a company in order to buy and sell internet domain names.

If you’re not already using a separate Domain for Domaining then buy a domain specifically for Domaining, if you like list your domains for sale, give it a legal entity (if possible) and restart Domaining.