Unmanned Domain Names

According to Wikipedia “Unmanned” usually refers to uncrewed vehicles (remote controlled, remote guided or autonomous) such as: Unmanned aircraft system (UAS), synonymous with UAV. Unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), such as the autonomous car. Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), unmanned aircraft commonly known as a “drone”.

Drone is a popular drone category. And, last month it was among the top 10 trending kewywords in terms of registration of .com domains according to Verisign. Names related to Drones are not easy to find.

Unmanned is a much broader term and it encompasses various UAVs and UGVs. The term is not popular in terms of domain registrations. But, it has a potential to grow in future. With more and more players entering the UAV’s market ‘the unmanned’ themed domain names might see an up tick in terms of registrations.

I own Unmanned.me and I thought of looking into some .com domains beginning with Unmanned. After a bit of research I zeroed on dot com names such as:


Among the very few above, I got all except UnmannedMarket and UnmannedData. They were taken when I took a little time to rethink.

It seems lot of other domains are available with the unmanned keyword but with everyday news about unmanned vehicles and operations the number of good domains may go fast.

Some of the existing domains centered around unmanned keyword are:

Unmanned.Life (a new gTLD)

Should you invest in such names? The answer is not easy. I found some top keywords like app, news, blog and city associated with unmanned and were available for reg fee, so I registered them. At the same time, I noticed how fast unmannedmarket.com and unmanneddata.com were taken by others before I got them.

How Will You Pronounce ZMZM

Recently I came across a website zmzm.org. At first I read it as z m z m but after seeing its logo I understood how it’s pronounced.


Actually, zmzm stands for zamzam – the water one drinks during pilgrimage to Mecca.

From the domain point of view. In Arabic  zamzam letters are Z M Z M so if one want to write the same in English. One can skip the vowels and can write it as zmzm which is how exactly the domain in question is conceived.

I have came across several such advertisements/signboards where vowels were skipped and the original letters from the other language were transliterated as it is. For example the name Salman  and when transliterated it is as Slman. the roots are S, L M A N.

One thing to remember is that Arabic is the third most spoken language in the world and it makes sense to see the four letter and even other domains in that angle too. Apart from the Chinese Pinyin meanings.

When it comes to domains especially four letter which are not pronounceable because you see no vowels maybe are pronounceable when transliterated appropriately to an another language. It could be the CVCV when pronounced like the zmzm example.

Internet is still growing and there are lots of businesses around the world not yet online and as their presence increases online so that the demand for better names will. Now it is safe to say that the Domaining industry or business of domain names is not just limited to English speaking countries. We have seen how Chinese have changed the domain game and it’s possible that other countries may too follow the suit.

A new project is coming to you. Revolutionizing Social Media

While analyzing BQA.com to BQZ.com series of domain names for my DomainAcronym.com site I came across several domains which indicated registrant as Mike Gleissner. If you visit these sites you’ll get this kind of page:

Lot of domains seems to be held by this organization apart from the list I’m providing here. As of current these domains under the BQA-BQZ.com series are to promote this project of revolutionizing social media. List:


It’s interesting to see what kind of social media platform this project may bring and how it may revolutionize the social media. I think, social media has already revolutionized our lives. Anyway, I’ll be waiting to see with what unique selling proposition strategy this project may take off.

The picture shows Fashionone.com picture when you click you’ll be visiting FashionOne.com. Is it Fashionone.com or they are just the advertisers is hard to tell as the whois details doesn’t reflect the organization name.

For Domainers who’re holding less premium letter domains this maybe an indication that the offer might be from one of this organization. And, it seems this organization is on buying spree mode especially for less desirable three letter .com domains.

Have You Taken An Ice Bucket Challenge?

Ice Bucket Challenge sometimes also called as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALs) Ice bucket challenge is an activity involving dumping a bucket of ice water on someone’s head to promote awareness of the ALS disease. In mid-2014, the Ice Bucket Challenge went viral on social media and after that public donation to ALS charities soared and so the domain names involving ice bucket challenge as a keyword.

The right domain IceBucketChallenge.com was registerd on 28 th July 2014 and this month around 64 registrations were made under .com and .net having IceBucketChallenge as a keyword. And, not only this in other ccTLDs and other top level extensions including some new gTLDs were also got registered with the ice bucket challenge keyword name.

Such is the phenomenon of Ice Bucket Challenge that it has crossed all borders and everyone seems to taking this challenge and filming it to share via internet video channels. Youtube shows around 1.5 million results for “Ice Bucket Challenge.’ Some commentators raised concern that it has become more as a fun activity and has lost its aim to raise awareness about ALS.

It’s not clear who coined this term and it’s not trademarked too and as a result the domain registrations are soaring. Are you going to register any ice bucket challenge domain name or take the challenge itself? As far as I’m concerned I would rather prefer to register a name first and take the challenge later as I’m used to shower myself with the warm water.

And here are some names, for those who wish to know what people have thought of registering:

icebucketchallenge.com (It’s now registered in almost all popular existing and new gTLDs)

It will be interesting to see how long this trend may continue weather it’s domain registration or taking the challenge itself. Lets see if any Domainer takes the challenge and post it on the internet.

list of notable ice bucket challenge participants

What is ‘The Internet of Things?’

When I first heard the term ‘The Internet of Things’ I not gave it much thought but back in my mind the term was active and was seeking some explanation. And, today before checking the actual meaning on the internet I thought it may mean connectivity of things. We are already aware of the term ‘The internet of computers’ or ‘The internet of people.’ And, The internet of things is just very similar.
Now, connectivity will not be limited to people and computers but it has expanded to appliances and other wearable stuff. That is why we are calling it as ‘The internet of Things’ and as per trends this is going to be the ‘Next Big Thing.’ But, experts opine that it may take a decade from here for this technology to go fully operational and become mainstream.

Lets see its formal definition:
The term Internet of Things was proposed by Kevin Ashton in 1999. It means ‘a proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data.†

Well, from domaining point of view I was curious to see if this term was reserved or not and to my astonishment it’s reserved in lots of right of the dot extensions. See the results I made at NameCheap.com


Both ‘The internet of things’ and ‘Internet of things’ are heavily reserved in most of the extensions. The Valuate.com gives ‘Internet of Things’ an appraisal value of USD 1500 with 2337 searches. Most of the domains taken under this phrase are looking for offers or are parked.

Although the term was coined in 1999 but it took 4 years for somebody to register this name under dot com and its present status shows.

Domain registered 2 April 2003
Domain expires 2 April 2023

From business monetisation point of view I don’t think the term is suitable to sell and buy ‘Internet of things’ but as an information portal it may serve its purpose very well.

The Internet of Things