Case No. 1687597 – UDRP –

Often UDRP cases are related to two parties: A respodent and a complainant. But, what happens if the respondent are two corporations fighting together for one domain? This is the case No. 1687597 – The domain in question is

It caught my attention. On 20th September 2016, the domain was transferred to the right owner. But, who will be the owner of a Domain like where two big corporations are involved Goolge and Nike?

The Decision paragraph of this case goes as follows:
Having established all three elements required under the ICANN Policy, the Panel concludes that relief shall be GRANTED. In that regard, the Panel notes that Complainant Nike Inc. has, with the consent of Complainant Google Inc., requested that the disputed domain name be transferred to Complainant Nike Inc.

Accordingly, it is Ordered that the domain name be TRANSFERRED from Respondent to Complainant Nike Inc.

Full case history is available at:

Most of the Trademark violations when it comes to domains are related to one corporation. But, reading this case makes me think how someone can take a double threat?

But, one more interesting fact I found that this UDRP was filed earlier by NIKE Inc -Case No 1679233 and it was denied.

When Google and Nike together filed the URDP – They were able to claim this name.

Top Domain News for the Month of August 2015

1. Google used to launch their parent company Alphabet
2. .XYZ registrations boomed after decision by Google
3. shoe as of this time a total of …. new tlds with ….in pending delete
4. sold by media options to rev media for 1 million with additional considerations
5. .online registered 28000 in 30 minutes in its general availability mode
6. Ammar kuba’s next project is ..
7. Ryan colby reveals $1.45 million in domain sales for August
8. launched domain sales newsletter
9. Acron posted Lawyer trust account an alternative to escrow
10.Godaddy started offering 2fa for its international customers
11.Progressive Specialty Glass Company nailed for RDNH
12.Thomson Reuters Acquires Premium Domain Name
13.The highest brandable sale as per DNGeek is //// domain
14.British born music artist Calvin Harris has filed a UDRP on the domain name
15. sold for $3,000 to an end user
16. Daniel negari of xyz registry sold
17. The Professional Golfers’ Association of America of Florida on the domain name
18. Brandbucket nears 20000 names
19. hit with an udrp

.Online off to an Impressive Start

Are you bored with too much information about new generic top level domains? Then, it’s a time to look for the information about how .Online domains have become the 1st hour registration king compare to all the new TLDs released as of now. Most of the new gTLDs not experienced such a good start on its first day. .Online made an impeccable impact.

.online has become the first new top level domain to have more registration in just 30 minutes crossing 30000 registrations in the general availability mode. It has surpassed the .club record in terms of 1st day registrations. Will it maintain its momentum in the coming days? It’s likely. The response for .online domains keeping in view the registration numbers very much positive.

A successful new launch often leaves a viral affect onto other upcoming new generic top level domains. It will be interesting to see how .online domains momentum may effect the outcome of .MBA domains which is at present locked in the early access program.

Here are some facts about the .Online Domains”
.Online is operated by Radix registry | Radix.Website
.Online domains have now entered the General Availability mode
.Online is a widely used term and it’s memorable
.Online domains are a good fit for websites using already online in their domain name
.Online domains are available at all major domain registrars with current prices set at:
Godaddy $14.99, Name $14.99, Uniregistry $19.88, 1and1 $9.99

The Radix team is very much happy and one of its tweets says “.Online just crossed 26000 new regs in less than 15 minutes of the launch!!!! Do you still need a reason to buy a .online?

Is Sahar Sarid Back?

Every day I follow domain blogs via and it’s really interesting to read views shared by other domainers and bloggers. The recent development with regards to happening in this industry created a strong buzz. It’s like a buzzorm!
I read almost every article that covered the story and how it’s going to impact the .xyz domain registry in particular and the overall new generic top level domains in general.
One interesting post I came across with regards to .xyz was from Elliot Silver where he shared thoughts from Sahar Sarid I’ve read his Bio earlier but never read anything directly from him. He has a website SaharSarid where he says “Love traveling, Shakuhachi (Japanese Bamboo Flute), sound & music, animals, working out, Paddleboarding, Freediving, the outdoors, healthy living, fresh juices, reading, and questioning all things around us”.

He had been very low with regards to Domaining since year 2010. As one of the website blogtrepreneur mentions that “Sahar Sarid is a former domainer who made his rounds in the domain industry and even was inducted into the Domain Hall of Fame in 2007. Since 2010, he has been taking a break, traveling all over the globe.”

Reading his post at led me to think and ask “is he’s back?” coming back to share his views on domaining and new gTLDs or it’s just an xyz phase that propelled him to air his views. Not knowingly clearly, I decided to write this post and just evaluate Sahar Sarid an inspiring Domainer as well as a global traveler.

Dot com Value Vs Number of Dot Com

Recently sold for $140000 by as reported by DnJournal. I’m wondering if it was it had surely hit the million mark. I think the opinion of some domain industry experts is correct on this. That the .net is 10% of the .com value.

According to DomainTools shows .com registration total at 118,419,194 and .net at 15,010,715. It’s little more at 12% compare to .com numbers. Is this explains the fact that in domain market .net is just valued at 10% – 15% of .com value because of the domain count? I think it’s one of the factor too. And, it applies to all other TLDs but of-course there are some outliers.

Now a days, it’s extremely difficult to find a good .com domain name available for reg fee. Still, each day many .coms are registered and it’s likely to continue despite the new extension wave of new gTLDs. .com is such an extension that as per GoDaddy is a domain extension that will never go out of style.

Another point is that still half of the world’s population is not online and it is likely that as the number of internet users grow and businesses start going online, the .com domains will increase too. And, it means, the value of unused .com domains will rise further. Recently, it has been indicated in the form of LLLL domains. As the Chinese domain investors started entering the domain markets the LLLL values increased significantly. Non vowel based LLLL domains once considered not worthy have become valuable today. Non-premium letters such as J, K, Q, V, W, X, Y and Z have became good letters too.

Investing in .com names for profit is still hot and as the number of .coms grows more the value of good .coms will surge too.