Google’s Search Result Tips & Its Impact On The Websites

I’ve noticed this several times that whenever I search something in Google it displays at the top of the page some tips as an answer to your query.

For example: When I searched ‘How to disable activex control in Excel?” as I’ve one document in MS Excel that whenever I save prompts me of ActiveX on the sheet. I Googled to solve it and this is the result:

I find this feature cool and it’s a great time saver. As you don’t need to visit the website if you able to solve your problem with the tips provided. But, on the other hand, if I’m the owner of a particular website I will not be happy if Google displays tips or answers and post it on its search pages. This action means, websites lose traffic to their site and it’s not good. Moreover, I think the job of a search engine is to display the results and not engage itself in adding features that goes beyond providing search results – that is providing answers.

There is a ‘Feedback’ option also with the answers you get which details the following:

This clearly shows that Google is answering your query apart from providing the appropriate search results. A ‘two-in-one’ action which I think may lower some websites traffic.

Common Domaining Abbreviations

If you’re a Domainer you may be well aware of the following short forms and their associated titles. Still, I think it maybe a good read. But, those who’re new to Domaining may find this a bit useful especially when they read blogs and forum postings. I’ve compiled a list of some Domaining abbreviations commonly used and understood by Domainers and domain industry professionals.

The list is given below, some names may mean the actual .com site.

1. GD – Godaddy
2. DNS – Domain Name Sales
3. DN – Domain Name
4. TLD – Top Level Domain
5. GTLD – Generic Top Level Domain
6. ccTLD – Country Code Top Level Domain
7. IO – Input/Output
8. NJ – NameJet
9. NP – NamePros
10. SEDO – Search Engine for Domain Optimization
11. New G’s – New gTLDs
12. DNJ – Domain Name Journal
13. NetSol – Network Solutions
14. EAP – Early Access Program
15. GA – General Availability
16. SR – Sunrise Period
17. LR – Landrush Period
18. TM – Trademarks
19. UDRP – Universal Domain Resolution Dispute
20. URS – Uniform Rapid Suspension
21. Icann – The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
22. DNF – Domain Name Forum
23. DNW – Domain Name Wire
24. DG – Domain Gang
25. DI – Domain Investing
26. CVCV – Consonant-vowel-Consonant-vowel
27. LLL – Three Letter Domains
28. LLLL – Four Letter Domains
29. NNNN – Four number domains
30. NNNNN – Five number domains
31. NNN – Three number domains
32. WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization.
33. CCC – Three character domains

I still think there are many more acronyms we use in domaining which I maybe missing. Appreciate if you could add some more in comments.

Domain Sales Made By

In my last post I discussed the sale of by WebsiteProperties and later found out that they are brokering or own some of the very nice premium names as pointed out by AbdulBasit . I found it interesting to compile a list of domains they’ve brokered and sold which are reported at DNJournal

The List includes:
1. for $1,261,000
2. for $875,000
3. for $850,000
4. for $450,000
5. for $230,000
6. for $200,000
7. for $45,000
8. for $32,500 (Earlier sold by SEDO in July,2010 for $24,712)
9. for $250,000 (I could locate it in DNJournal’s Lowdown section)

And, this is the list of premium names listed at their website. Prices listed are just an indicative of the value of the domain name but I think there may be a room for negotiation. for $5,000,000 for $5,000,000 for $1,900,000 for $1,750,000 for $1,500,000 for $1,500,000 for $1,500,000 for $1,250,000 for $1,000,000 for $1,000,000 for $900,000 for $850,000 for $750,000 for $750,000 for $750,000 for $650,000 for $450,000 for $350,000 for $350,000 for $325,000 for $295,000 for $295,000 for $280,000 for $275,000 for $275,000
BaHero for $250,000 for $175,000 for $125,000 for $120,000 for $75,000 for $75,000 for $35,000 for $25,000 for ? for ? for ? for ? for ? for ? for ?

Some domanins URL I’ve checked directly and found active websites for, and some land you at such as

And, here is an interesting link at DomainSherpa Where David Fairley has posted some useful comments about It seems there focus is more on selling website businesses and domain names is an another business model which is gaining momentum with them.

Name Reservation for Business Ideas

Internet web address is an opportunity to many name development companies as well as individuals who’re planning to start their own business someday. Earlier, name reservation was a cumbersome task. But, now you can have any name registered on your name with just few mouse clicks on your screen. Domainers are always looking for names that maybe valuable to businesses. But, I believe name reservations is not just limited to Domainers, many businesses too hold a high number of Domains. Businesses knows that domains are valuable and if the idea behind which a domain is registered kick starts then they don’t need to worry about securing a domain at a higher price later. But not too many domain ideas get converted into an actual business and in order to monetize the domain inventory the domain owners start selling them. You may have seen such phrases:

“The owners of this domain have recently changed their business plan and this Domain Name is For sale”.

Individuals who don’t have any business plan right now but hope to start their own business someday then they should not leave this opportunity to secure their business name as early as possible. Good domains are always snatched up at a breathtaking pace through new registrations as well as through drops. Securing a name also means securing an idea and it must be done fast. As of now the choices to get your domain are many but the domain industry firmly believes that old TLDs are still the best and will be in vogue for an indefinite number of years. If you’ve not yet registered a domain for yourself simply go and get one from Domain registration companies such as GoDaddy, NameCheap, NetworkSolutions Or any other. The only thing you need to be careful is to not infringe on someone else’s registered trademark.

Is Down?

It has became my routine to see the sales figures which DNJournal brings every Wednesday. But, usually I check it on Thursday due to the time difference factor. Well, today when I tried to open the I encountered ‘problem loading page’ error. I tried several times in vain. Later, I checked the feed to try the DNSales list from there but it was not available there too.

I don’t know what maybe the reason. I think, maybe the site is down for maintenance. Since long time I’ve no problem visiting This is the first time I’m unable to access the site from my location. Ron Jackson is very consistent with his postings and he addresses issues in advance related to his blog in an Editors note paragraph. Well, I hope all is well with DNJournal.