Before Buying a Domain Name, Check CPC, EMD & AGE

Buying a domain name is easy but it takes time when you do appropriate research. Before you make domain purchase make sure following have been studied especially if it’s a keyword domain name.

1.CPC: A domain name whose cost per click is higher is usually valuable compare with domains that have a low cost per click or no cost per click advantage. Make sure your domain has a good cost per click before you register or bid for it. Cost per click is the amount an advertiser is willing to pay when you click a particular keyword. The more the competition for a given keyword the higher the CPC and vice versa.

2.EMD: Exact match search is also important for domaining. An exact match search must be above 1000+ searches globally and the cost per click should not be too low.

3.AGE: Age is another prime factor related to domain names. It’s believed that all good .com as well as .net, and .org were taken already by the end of year 2000. So your chances of having a good domain name for hand registration is nil. You may consider hand registering dropped domains that are not taken at auction and are about to get deleted from the domain registry.

A good cost per click with a decent amount of exact match searches along with a good age renders a domain name valuable for development as well as for resale.

3 Letter Domains: age, agf, agg, agh, agi, agj, agk, agl, agm, agn

Today we’re going to analyse three letter domain for series 161-170. As usual I’ll list the 3 letter acronym full title if available and also a very brief introduction about the company/website for educational purpose. If you wish to have more information I encourage you to access the website.

age is actually an English word and everyone knows what it means. This domain seems to be an ultra premium domain because it has 3 letters and it means something in a language spoken worldwide. I thought I would visit a great website associated with this domain but sadly it’s parked with SEDO. Is it for sale or not is not clear so contact the owner if you wish to know more.

AGF: American Growth Fund.
AGF is one of the largest independent Canadian investment management firms in business to deliver predictable excellence in money management, a wide spectrum of products and outstanding client service.
On an environmental level it raises awareness about the Sumatran tiger which is its corporate symbol.

AGG: Arnall Golden Gregory
AGG LLP is a law firm in Atlanta, Miami and Washington DC, that serves the business needs of growing public and private companies. AGG provides clients the tools they need to turn legal challenges into business opportunities not just at home, but abroad.

AGH: Not clear but G for Greg and H for Heinze are indicated
The website says “Well, it was a nice run, but now it’s over. After about a gazillion years of selling microscopes, Greg and Ellen Heinze have finally retired and relinquished their distributorship back to Nikon.”

AGI: Analytical Graphics Inc.
AGI develops commercial modeling and analysis software for the space, defense and intelligence communities. Used by more than 40,000 engineers, operators and analysts worldwide, AGI software avoids the cost of reinvention, eliminates stovepipes and reduces risks associated with unproven tools.

It’s similar to a site which I’ve listed previously for domains such as,, etc. It says “A new project is coming to you. Revolutionizing Social Media.”

This domain is for sale. Follow the domain link if you’re interested to get more details.

It looks like a parked page with ads running. Contact the owner to get more information on this.

AGM: Apollo Global Management.
If you’re in corporate sector you know AGM is for Assistant General Manager. Anyway, it’s here for Apollo Global Management a value-oriented investors in private equity, credit and real estate.

agn is for sale, follow the link for more information.