Uniregistry Announced Domain Perks

On 5th of September 2018 I received an email from the doman registrar company Uniregistry.com announcing the start of domain perks. Domain perks is a subscription service which in my understanding is similar to domain discount club (DDC) of Godaddy.com

If you’ve lot of domain names with Uniregistry.com then this susbcription service may provide you necessary savings. There are three plans under domain perks subscription. As per the following page there are three plans: Plus ($4.99 per month); Pro for $9.99 monthly, and the Elite for $14.99 monthly. The pricing of the domain for all three plans per dot com domain (an example) is for plus $9.79, Pro $9.04 and Elite is $8.47.

All plans are build to provide the domain registrant instant savings on registrations, renewals, and transfers.

I am not sure, if the existing discount model will get effected with the above plans or not. I enjoy one and I will be writing to Uniregistry to check with them about any change to my existing pricing.

Overall its a good move from Uniregistry as many domain investors looks for potential savings when it comes to domain renewals. Godaddy’s DDC is already in wide use with the domaining community. Will Domain Perks (DP) will be the next DDC for investors?

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