Why Apps Should Have a Website

Those were the days when we used to say we are living in an online world. And, the whole world is like a global village. By being just online the world was at your fingertips and it’s still. But, nowadays we are saying we are living in the world of apps that are found in almost all smartphones. Without Apps, mobiles are just a communication device serving its basic function. Apps have transformed these little devices know as phones into a computer. So, basically, apps are just mandatory. That is the reason why apps should have a website.

Here is a list of most downloaded apps of 2020 – which includes TikTok, Zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, GoogleMeet, Google Classrooms, Youtube, Microsoft Teams, and each one of these has an active website to support the app.

Here are my reasons for why an App should have a Website:

People still search online for stuff they like to compare to searching the same for the app. For example, I want to find apps related to Fitness – I will Google ‘Fitness App’ which displayed a series of web pages containing information about fitness but mostly article driven. For example one of the ad is here:

  • Most of the results on the first page – even 2nd and 3rd pages are those of websites giving information about popularly used fitness apps. A user who wishes to discover the app needs to visit a content-based website to read a review and select the app.

What if you want the user to directly come to your app based website. Review the app and download it onto their smartphones? If suppose you are an owner of a fitness app – the first thing you should be looking for is to top the Google results for your app. And, this is possible when you have a domain and website that is relevant to fitness. When this happens – more people directly visit your website – learn about your app – and most likely download it. Because they found what they are looking for.

And, by not having an active website for your app – you allow the content authority site to decide whether to send traffic to your app or not based on their criteria of evaluation that takes factor into consideration such as user ratings, number of downloads, etc.. What if it’s a new app and yet to achieve a rank? That is why it is important to have a domain and website and a proper SEO strategy to gain maximum exposure for your App.

Having a website for your App is important – people may discover your app thru their mobile devices play store functionality. But, there is a big difference between searching information thru a search engine compare to searching an app thru play store search functionality. If you’re not able to top results in the play store searches – having a website can bring you, new users. Because there are people who want to review apps online before downloading it. And, they prefer to search it first.

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