Available Pending Delete Domains – 20-09-17

Here are some of the domain names which became available after reaching the pending delete status on 20.September.17:

1. LVFashion.com: A sort of “LL+Top Keyoword Name”‘
2. MarketXYZ.com: XYZ as a prefix is popular, but it goes well as a suffix with Market.
3. HypeDirect.com: A good brandable type of name
4. UnicornBrands.com: A unicorn is a startup that reaches a $1 billion market value
5. TheBrandAccelerator.com: Accelerate your brand success – few end users for this name
6. MedcareTraining.com: Medical profession has many specialities, this name is good alternative to healthcare training
7. ProbabilityLabs.com: Recently Lab names became a hot niche in the brandable marketplace.
8. SolutionBanking.com: Banking Solutions would have been better, but this too sounds well
9. SparrowAcademy.com: A nice brand for educational purpose. Already a developed .org site

If you like any name, do the trademark and availability check before registering it.

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