Buy Domains From Domain Investors

With increasing competition at the domain name aftermarket places such as Namejet, Sedo, Godaddy, DropCatch, and others – it makes sense to look for other venues where investors may able to buy quality domain names. And, one thing which comes to my mind is ‘buy from other domain investors.’

This is not a new idea and there are already several domain name investors who are picking quality names from other domain investors. And, later making a good deal of profit on those names. Off the marketplaces where one can see domain investors buying domains from other domain investors at Namepros, Brandbucket’s Slack, and through Whatsapp and Private Chats, DNWE, NameLiquidate, Etc.

The key is in finding the right domain name at the right time at the right price. And, one may discover this when he actively seeks out domains from other domain investors. One channel domain investors actively seek is the request domain thread at Namepros this thread says:

Domain Buyer Requests

Formerly known as Domain Names Wanted or Domains Wanted. Looking for a specific type of domain name? Post your domain name request here or inĀ Adult Domains Wanted. These are sometimes referred to as Wanted Ads or Want to Buy (WTB) listings.

Another channel one may use is Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter Because not all investors use Namepros. I think Twitter is quite good for the domain investing. But, I didn’t commonly a tweet describing ‘domain name wanted.’ So, one may think of using the Twitter platform also.

Benefits of Buying From Other Domain Investors

Understanding: You deal with a person who is well-versed with domain trading aspects. And, it saves time which often gets lost in explaining to a seller who holds domain but not familiar with the trading aspect

Better Deal: Domain investors know the retail and wholesale values of their inventory. And, this helps the investors in coming to a good deal. A better deal can’t be expected at the aftermarket or when buying privately.

Liquid: Domain names bought from other domain name investors carry the tag of liquidity. One can sell it to other domain investors with a nominal margin and can avoid potential losses by owning that domain name

Quality: If you are not finding quality domain names at TDNAM then getting those from other domain investors could be the solution.

Variety: Domain investing niches are quite lengthy. And, not every domain investor can invest in all types of names. Except for companies like HugeDomains, BuyDomains, – Individual investors are limited to certain niches. So, when you get in contact with various investors for your wanted names – you can expect variety in submissions. And, which is a good thing.

So, if you’re not looking at other domain investors despite having a budget then you may be missing on some potential deals. One really needs to look for more domain buying avenues to stay on top of the game.

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