LL3D OR 3DLL Names All Are Reserved Except

As domainers we are well aware that 3D names are valuable and owning the right 3D name is in itself an asset. Recently, I made a check to see if some 3D names are available under 4 character range. And I found the following as available names:

EK3D.com – I registered this one.

There are more than 1352 such combinations and to my surprise all are reserved and taken. Some of the developed domains I went through were using the first 2 letters as acronym for example:

AK3D.com as Andre Kutscherauer 3D engaged in providing 3D services and 3D tools
BG3D.com as Brian Gottlieb 3D a site showcasing 3D skills of a 3D artist
DI3D.com as Dimensional 3D is a facial performance capture company
FP3D.com as Focal Point 3D
JW3D.com as Jonathan Williamson 3D a topology specialist and tool designer

and, there are quite good number of websites developed with these acronym combinations. The acronyms were used for first and last name combinations of persons or companies. I think most of the names of LL3D or 3DLL taken because there are very limited combinations available under .com series.

I checked to see what price the domainers are listing such names for and I came across one which was NM3D.com for $1519 and most of the other names were listed for sale with a make an offer option. Well, if you like any of the the above name you can register it using GoDaddy coupon code for less and let me know if you do register.

6 thoughts on “LL3D OR 3DLL Names All Are Reserved Except”

  1. Good research and findings. Although such names are not my types but was surprised to see almost everything taken except the few you shared.

  2. I changed my WordPress email and your comment was queued in approval and that’s the reason got delayed to approve. anyway, thanks for the comment. Although, it maybe not your type but due to its rarity under .com you may give it a try as 3D is not just limited to 3D printing.

  3. That’s right. But I am mostly investing in those areas (niches) where I am comfortable with. Although I own one 3D related name 3dMobileGames.com

  4. That is a good strategy and it’s paying well for you. on my side I’m still researching my niches. I like your 3D name. Good luck!

  5. I’ll try my best to post more but due to time constraints it’s not frequent. Anyway, thanks again for reading, commenting and encouraging.

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