LL+Mobile Following Domains Are Available

When there is not something very interesting to write I think finding available domains and then sharing it is a task which I think fills the gaps in blogging. For Domainers writing everyday for available names or names listed at aftermarket is a good practice and domains are like a never ending cycle.

Well, here is a list of Domains starting with LL and then using ‘Mobile’ as a keyword. I especially try to find domains in a niche like this one to locate any missing registrations. After running the query to find 676 LL+Mobile names the following 14 I found were available to register as of this time:

QVmobile.com with 7610 search results
TFmobile.com with 56500 search results
OFmobile.com with 59,100,000 search results (Because it’s ‘of mobile’)
OGmobile.com with 485,000 search results
OQmobile.com with 3,350 search results
OYmobile.com with 7950 search results
XQmobile.com with 1710 search results
XWmobile.com with 1560 search results
YHmobile.com with 5550 search results
YVmobile.com with 1870 search results
UHmobile.com with 6060 search results
UJmobile.com with 931 search results
VJmobile.com with 6380 search results -> There is a .De registered for this one
VYmobile.com with 27500 search results

Among the above I like the VJ Mobile as it sounds well but not because there is a .de registration. DNPric.es list TVMobile sold for $18500 and WeMobile for $13500 but of course those are known prefixes. With so many companies involved in mobile businesses directly or indirectly I see some value in the above names especially for companies/individuals who are looking to have a short and memorable name.

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