NN+Word.com Domain Names. Are you interested?

Have you ever thought of registering NN+Word domain names? At the front, I will not advise. But, just for information, I have gathered some top sales related to such a domain category. And, here are they as per Namebio.com. I observed it’s limited to searches upto NN and 6 character words only. It means some results might have been missed.

Domain Price Date Venue
43things.com 24,000 USD 14-08-2016 AbdulBasit
10elotto.it 6,750 USD 03-03-2010 Sedo
51sports.com 5,000 USD 18-02-2011 Sedo
10elotto.it 5,000 USD 28-01-2011 Sedo
90minuti.com 3,300 USD 03-10-2012 Sedo
32smiles.com 2,900 USD 21-09-2018 Sedo
13thhour.com 2,200 USD 17-10-2017 Sedo
32dental.com 2,000 USD 02-10-2018 Sedo

As you can see above there are some domain names that have been reported in such a category. And, there is really no yardstick to determine which word is more suitable after an NN numeral.

For 43things.com domain – you can read an article from its seller here.

32smiles and 32dental is a domain related to dental. As we have 32 teeth – such a domain makes a perfect choice for dental related profession or clinics. Another one is 13thhour which is a common phrase and proverb to indicate that the previous events or “strokes to the clock” must be called into question. More here at Wikipedia.

All the rest don’t make any sense (in my knowledge) but have sold for a good figure.

Just for the sake of an example – I’ve run a hand registration result associating NN with Block as a word (as it denotes blockchain nowadays ) to see how it does. And, the result was good. Out of 99 such domains. I’ve able to see only 16 domains as available. Here is the list:


I’ve used Uni registrar to check the availability. It offers an easy way to search for domains. From the above list, I like domains such as 33block.com, 77Block.com, and 44Block.com as these are repetitive numbers. 15Block and 20Block are also good. If you like any available block domain – do research and carefully analyze if it’s a good reg.

Disclaimer: Domain investing is not risk-free. This is not professional advice to invest. This article is written for information purpose only.

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