Pronounceable 5-Letter Available for Hand Registration

Off late I’ve been researching on pronounceable 5 letter .com domain names that can be put to use as a brand. I registered so far names like Sufya and Narfa and researching more to register. Well, I thought to share with my readers the available 5 letter domains that are pronounceable and have a decent searches when made in Google.

I was having a long list and I checked again and found many taken and I’m sharing here what is left unregistered. Here is the list of domains that are available as of this writing:

Domain – Searches
bhino 26000
dazek 17900
Gaalo 191000
kosox 8120
lixib 10700
molry 10100
nemew 17100
oabal 23400
pisof 29400
pocob 9320
qabab 11700
Qayar 10900
qosam 50000
qosox 2330
rorii 67600
rozke 19700
sihal 43200
suhuz 3200
thovu 13500
vabak 63200
woxox 8050
xabab 55100
xabas 25000
xosam 10200
zosox 13800

Note: Searches above are not EMDs they are results you get when typed in Google.

Well, if you find something interesting above, use Godaddy coupons and register it cheaply. I use resource to find Godaddy coupons.

Some of the names or domains are personal names related and some are used on Linkedin, Youtube, Facebook, etc. I found some names are registered in other ccTLD extensions like Kosox.

If we analyze there are 11,881,376 domains can be made through 5 letter series alone but not all are pronounceable. And, most of the good sounding domains were taken already. Still, I believe the area of 5 letter .com names is wide. If you’re interested to go deep on this 5-letter domain knowledge then type in Google the following:


Shane has some excellent articles on this subject and it was easy to locate this information on his website but his website look has changed since he shaked hands with Accidental Domainer. That’s why I’ve used Google to mark those posts.

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  1. Thanks for the comment. Yeah, it’s quite a large number of domains to analyze and needs lot of time to do a good research in order to get hands on some of the available gems. Just one series of 5-letters from AAAAA-AZZZZ amounts to 456976 domains (Equivalent to total of LLLL domains) But, how many are pronounceable is a big question. Do you know any software that can do this task?

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