Search Stream Vs Type-In

There are literally hundreds of domain registrars operating online. And, their prime service is to let people register a domain name for their business or for personal use.

Most people are not aware of a domain name. They are aware of Facebook, Twitter, Google – and they know it’s a website. But, domain and hosting is something new for them. As long as I am aware.

Whatever be the case – a website cannot exist unless and until a domain is purchased, hosting account is established and web content is loaded.

Most of the people visit popular registrars such as Godaddy, Network Solutions, to buy a domain name. They land on such registrars either after reading an article about domain registration or through any other media channels. They type in Google “Buy Domains names” and they visit a registrar that appears on search results. Since Google results are country-specific – so I can’t certainly predict which registrar they visit after the search query.

Assuming the prospective domain buyer landed on the registrar’s website. The first thing he does is search the domain name he or she is looking to register. When the results produce domain is not available – the buyer then modifies the domain name by adding certain prefixes or suffix or thinks of an entirely new name.

But, what if the result displays the domain name with a buy it now prices?

The buyer will be tempted to buy it – because he is seeing what he is looking for. And, if the price fits his or her pocket – a sale happens immediately. And, several sellers have reported they made a sale through the search stream of the domain registrar.

In the whole scenario above – the prospective buyer is not typing the domain name directly into the browser and looking for it. Instead, he is using the registrar’s search stream.

Though there are some buyers who type the domain name into the browser only those will do this task who are familiar with typing a domain or URL into the address bar. But, the majority of the people locate domains thru the search stream as available at the domain registrars website as far as I understand. And, this is how I too began my journey of understanding the domain names.

So, I think – whatever be your landing page or nameservers – most of the sales you will be getting are through search stream. I am amazed seeing sellers reporting sales at BIN of high five figures to even six figures.

The good option for domain investors is to list their domains at Afternic and Sedo. Their reseller market is quite huge and unbeatable.

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