My 100th BrandBucket Domain Name is a marketplace that sells brandable domain names. And, I regularly update my account there, by adding new domains to my portfolio. And, this week I added Smart/ which brought my portfolio tally to 100. And, my dashboard says my portfolio is larger than the rest of 90% of other sellers.

Most of my names are keyword based for example; Schemely, Good Mech. Some with misspelling like Peppyy, Termm, Nannyy, etc. And very few invented names like Baraxy, Narfa, Lirza, etc. Keyword-based names sell more and last year I had one sale for the domain name BLous/A. Note that all of my domain names listed at BrandBucket are dot com domains.

You can check my BrandBucket portfolio here and also at

From a sales point of view, I have not yet made any BB sale this year. Two factors which I think are not driving my domain sales are: newly hand registered domain names and second relatively very small portfolio of brandable domain names. Yet, I’ve decided to continue finding and listing some decent brandable domain names at BrandBucket. Because they have an expert team who are capable of finding worth in domain names for startups. Secondly, their newsletter which reaches a lot of startup founders with new domain additions. And, thirdly the logo and description that are added to make a domain more appealing and ready for startups.

But, there are domain investors like Doron and others who’ve moved their brandable domain name inventory from BrandBucket because they regard the sale of a domain name is more of a function of direct navigation. Plus, it’s really painful to part away with 30% of commission on your domain name.

Anyway, for active BB sellers, the traffic stats are now live in their dashboards. BB made this clear in their October 2017 newsletter. That means one can measure if their domains, especially brandable with low to none search volume are getting any decent type-in-traffic or not? It’s a good feature for reevaluating the worth of a domain name.

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  1. I have sold so far only one.
    This year I added around 60+ names and last year it was like 30. And, some before that. It’s really slow but still hopeful.

    Thanks for the question!

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