How to Create Brandable Domain Names

If you’re looking for a tip that can help you to form or create a brandable domain name then this is the article you need to read. Here, in this article, you’ll see how to construct a name that sounds brandable.

A brandable domain name gives your company a distinct unique identity which helps in many ways. A generic domain name with a decent exact search volume is always desirable but to differentiate it from the rest becomes a difficult task. And, this is the reason why many companies owns generic domain names and those generic domains are redirected to their own brandable domain name websites. For instance:

Cloud is redirected to Dell
Finance.Com is redirected to Citibank is redirected to Intel
And so on.

Lets see how a brandable domain name is created:

1. After a Name: Sometimes a brand is derived from the last name or the first name of the person. A person may sometime chooses a business name based on his family or the fist name. For example: Dell is named after Michael Dell the founder of Dell, Hugo Boss is named after its founder, Hugo Boss, etc. There are famous as well as unknown brands having personal names.

2. Dictionary word: It’s believed that all dictionary words are generic and not brandable but there are few exceptions to it. For example: Apple computers takes their brand name from the word Apple which refers to a fruit. Similarly, Amazon is a dictionary word but is a brand of famous Amazon Inc.

3. Adding I : sometimes a brand is created by adding I as a prefix to a particular word. Example includes I+tunes = Itunes, I+Phone = Iphone and so on

4. Adding E : Sometimes a brand is created by adding E as a prefix to a particular word. Example includes Elite.

5. Adding A-Z : In some cases a brand is created by affixing a prefix of any letter in front of a service or a product name that company sells. Like Gtech, Lloyds, etc.

6. Adding prefix number: hotline numbers etc or any digit from 0-9 in front of a name. like 3m brand does.

7. Adding suffix letters: Sometimes a new word is formed by putting an appropriate suffix.

8. Dropping : Example Flikr is intentionally spelled that way by removing E.

9. Misspelling : For instance Google is a misspelling of Googol which is accidental mistake and there are many other such cases.

10. Borrowed words: Sometimes a brand is made by borrowing non-English words.

11. Adding Two words: Sometimes a brand is made by adding two words like SilverStone, FujiFilm, etc.

12. Shot Form: Some brands are popular by their abbreviated version rather than full words. Do you know what is Bayerische Motoren Werke probably not like me but if I put it as BMW then it’s very clear.

The above are some of the ideas that can be very helpful in creating a brandable domain name.

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