Brandable names are one of the growing niche of Domaining. Brandable marketplaces like Brandbucket, Namerific, and Brandroot are thriving everyday. Mostly, the demand for such domains is coming from new startups. Astoundingly there is a good demand for these names because every day 137,000+ new businesses starts as monitored by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor and always business starts with a name. Also, many companies needs a domain for rebranding, new product launch or for marketing. The need is there!

I would like to thank DNGeek’s founder Doron Vermaat for piquing my interest in Brandable names. His articles on newly funded startups and on the names sold on Brandbucket really got me thinking. Also, my friend AbdulBasit who comments regularly on my blog helped me by reviewing my registered names. He has a good knack at domaining.

I was previously hand registering some brandables but never thought of screening them through I decided to have my skills tested. I started reading more on brand names in order to start registering meaningful names. Registered not much but picked up some names from my existing lot and then added more via new registrations. And, submitted it at Brandbucket as LatestNames

Got approval for 10 domains out of 5 submissions. Too bad to have scored 20% only. I think this may change with more reading and understanding about domains and brand connections.

You need a domain to sell domains and I was having one domain name LatestNames which I thought is OK to start with. After getting acceptance of 10 names I decided to go with the Brandbucket’s widget to show those names on This name was getting decent traffic as a parked domain but I was having the feeling that this name is quite suitable for new names.

At present I’ve just listed my names there and planning to start a blog to discuss about brandable names. I realize this in the process of registering brand names that most of the domain blogs talk more about generic names and little about Brandable names except There is really a dearth of information especially from domainers on this topic. I’m not at all anyway near to be an expert on brands or branding but looking forward to share my experiences with such names as and when my learning takes place.

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  1. Thank you for the shout out Tauseef. I’m happy to know my blog has been helpful for you. I strongly believe that brandables are a solid investment at the moment but it is much more difficult to learn which ones hold value compared to investing in generic, numeric or acronym domains. I wish you best of luck and hope to see you around on DNgeek.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting. I totally agree with you. I’m working to have a nice balance of domains consisting of brandables and generics. Thanks again

  2. Good start with a nice name and I wish you all the very best with it :)
    Also keep us updated when you sell any domain through BrandBucket or any similar site you mentioned.

    Doron at is doing great job and I love going through all those brandable domain sales which encourages me to invest more in brandable domains which I have already started this year.

    1. Thanks AbdulBasit, I will definitely share sales information as per rules set by BB. Nice to note that you’ve taken an interest in brandables. I’m sure you’ll succeed in this genre too. best of luck

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