The Five Elements of a Brand

Straight to the point:

1.Business Name: Is a name which a company uses to conducts its business operations. It’s usually the name by which a company is known. Examples are many but lets use Microsoft, which is the business name or the trading name of Microsoft Corporation that sells information technology products.

2.Logo: Once a name is finalized companies are required to have a logo. A logo creates a double effect. Sometimes we may remember the logo of the company but not the name. As logos are pictures and are instantly stored by our right brain. Microsoft uses

3.Product Names: A company name is not just sufficient. Many producers of goods and services rely on their branding team to name their products too. As an example, Windows, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook are some of the product names that Microsoft uses.

4.Versions: It’s generally disregarded by many. It other words it’s the make or the model number. Generally it’s added to the product line. If it’s not done then confusion arises. For example today we use Windows 8.1 but before it there were several other versions. If Microsoft had not used versions for its product line it would have been difficult to refer specifically to a particular line of product. Many companies worldwide uses alphanumeric characters to denote to a product versions.

5.Taglines: A tagline is a phrase located near a logo or the business name. Generally they are slogans or a motto. They are like catchphrases. Apple uses ‘Think Different’. BMW’s ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’. etc. are all examples of taglines.

From Domaining perspective, from business name to a product name, its versions to taglines requires names which maybe a dictionary word or a completely made-up word or a phrase. All requires names and this is the reason we see regular sales of keyword as well as brandable domain names.

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