The Top Brandable Domain Names

A brandable domain name is something which nobody is searching for. It’s not an exact dictionary word but there are some exceptions to it. Many large companies create their own unique brand in order to differentiate them from their competitors as well as other line of businesses. Popular such brands turned into a domain names are Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc. lets analyse the following domain names from the perspective of branding:

Google : Believed to be derived from the word Googol a number that is equal to 1 followed by 100 zeros. Surprisingly Google Inc doesn’t hold the domain name Googol as of the post of this date. A big question is why Google not choose Googol?

Microsoft: It’s a two word brand name made up of Micro a dictionary word meaning tiny and soft which is also a dictionary word but here it’s abbreviated for software.

Yahoo: I first heard this word from Mohd Rafi a legendary Hindi music singer. It’s a word meaning an uncultivated and an unmannered person. It’s a one word and was not in much use earlier but Yahoo Inc used it to market their search engine as well as Yahoo related products. It’s an example of a not so popular dictionary word turning out to be a mega brand worldwide.

Facebook: Who doesn’t know Facebook? A nice two word domain name Face+Book used actually for connecting with others. This is so widely popular brand that a question is asked “If Facebook was a country, just how big a country would it actually be?

Twitter: Twitter is a dictionary word and it refers to some sort of sound which is short. Before Twitter social platform came the word was there but was not in much use. I see this brandable domain name and the service of Twitter at perfect sync like Facebook domain name.

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