The VAIO Brand

VAIO stands for (Visual Audio Intelligent Organizer), which is headquartered in Azumino, Nagano Japan, is a manufacturer of personal computers. VAIO was originally a brand of Sony Corporation, introduced in 1996.

One interesting thing about this name is that it contains ‘v,a,i,o’. These are the letters in a 4  or a 5 letter domain name which domain investors especially from China avoid to invest in.

Vaio is an acronym but it appears pronounceable and its unframed logo looks quite good.

This was the only word containing letters from ‘aeiouv’ which I was able to find. If you take out ‘v’ from this then there are tons of English dictionary words such as favourite, cauliflower, etc.

Although the vaio brand is not that much popular internationally compare to other major brands but I found this article VAIO is coming back to the USA which writes about its return.

If you find any 4 letter brand containing aeiouv and which is a well established business then feel free to share.

You may visit US website VAIO or the main website VAIO

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