3 Things Every Domainer Should Do Daily

Domain name business appears easy at its surface but actually it’s like a hard nut which is difficult to crack. Domaining is a field in which most are ‘in’ but with a job aside. There are literally very few Domainers who are full time and successful compare to many who struggle to make any significant profit from it.

The key to success in Domaining may be hidden in the following three things which I’m going to share with you. You’re likely aware of this but I’ve concentrated them into a set of three things which every Domainer must do daily in order to be successful. These three things are like critical success factors and all three must be done.

1. Sell your domains: The first thing every Domainer should do daily is to research the buyers or the end users who may be the potential developer/users of his domain name. This step is utmost important if you want to keep the momentum going. If you don’t have enough time to locate a buyer and sell a domain then you should engage brokers or outsource the research aspect to some virtual assistants. Everyday an email or a phone call to an end user must be carried out in order to market the domain and to get a buyer. Don’t sit on your domains hoping somebody may come knocking your door as it not happens often. And, this is why it’s better to find the buyer. Further, list all your domains for sale in all the major aftermarket places.

2. Buy Domains: You can’t sell a domain name unless you own it and to own you must buy it. The second thing a Domainer should do on a daily basis is to research on all major aftermarkets the domains that are likely to have a good resale value, having a good age and are going for cheap.
Every Domainer has a different budget so buy domains in accordance with your financial situation. Don’t invest heavily and sell lowly. The buying and selling ratio should be maintained adequately so that you’re not burden with too much purchasing and low sales.

3. Blogging: As a Domainer you must establish your blog and write everyday something related to domain names, recent sales you made, parking revenue you achieved, or any other domain activity you think is worth sharing. Such domain insights should be build into a neat post so that it can be published. Blogging connects you with other Domainers and it also increases your exposure toward the domain industry. Further, it brings creditability to your online profile and helps an end user who researches about you before ordering your domain. Along with your own post it also pays if you read and comment on other Domainers blogs.

The above is a simple but an effective way to be successful in the domain name industry. If you find yourself doing all these three things every day then there is no worries and if you’re not – (like me) simply start doing it.

By Irfan

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