Activating SEDO MLS in Bulk for Epik Domains

I have completed Activating SEDO MLS in Bulk for Epik Domains. SEDO MLS offers Maximum exposure via SedoMLS with 650 international partners. Here are some:

Well, here are the steps I followed for my Epik based domain names which were mostly .co and .xyz which I registered because of promotion. So, here is what you need to do to activate SEDO MLS.

  • Download all of your domain names available at
  • Sort the domain names by TLD and select it all. Or select manually.
  • Visit and add domain names. Remember to chose Epik as the registrar to activate SEDO MLS
  • You will receive SEDO email for domain ownership verification using txt record or nameserver change. Here I have used DNS
  • Visit and use the filters to select the domains for which you want to activate SEDO MLS. A bulk update is a good option.
  • Select the DNS & Services menu and chose the Advanced filter option
  • Paste the domain names you have selected in your spreadsheet to the above menu. And, click the filter
  • Only the domain names which you have copied in the window using an advanced filter will be shown. Other domain settings will remain intact.

  • Now select the button before the domain name to select all the domain names to update the nameservers in bulk.
  • Click the DNS & WHOIS and choose the Set Name Servers
  • Use and as NameServers.

Once it’s done you will receive shortly an email from confirming the SEDO MLS. All you to do is to click that link and approve the domain names for sale. You will be seeing the below message before click the approve for sale button.

The above method is easy. And, the main advantage is it allows the bulk updates for NameServers changes at Epik easily.

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