Advantages of Registering a New Domain Name

It’s tough to find a dot com domain name of your choice and because of this reason domain seekers contact aftermarket venues to finalize a domain of their liking. Businesses prefer an aged, brandable or an exact match domain name because of its value to them but if the price tag is too high then choosing a fresh name with a new registration will be the solution.

New names are not bad and if your focus is to develop that new domain skillfully then soon it catches up with the search engines and you start to notice traffic at your site. There are some advantages of having a new registration such as:

Cheap: A new domain cost you just 10 U.S Dollars yearly and it’s quite easy to get one from approved domain registrars.

Not Stolen: Some new domains may have history. It may have been dropped and then got deleted by the registry to make it available for a fresh registration. Domains that are deleted or that had never been registered are safe to register. You just have to make sure it’s not a trademark of some entity and second thing you should check the web archive page to see if it has a bad history.

Brandable: A new domain not necessarily have to be an exact match search winner, it can be more like a brandable domain name. If you come up with a name that makes sense then go and register it.

Build links: A new domain helps you to build its backlinks from scratch this allows a company to control the backlinks. An old domain may too have backlinks but if it’s blacklisted then the company may face problems in clearing them up.

Instant: A new domain gives you complete authority over its acquisition in minutes. When you buy a domain from aftermarket you need to wait until Escrow clears the payment for the name to be under your account.

Sale: If you not intend to develop your new domain name then you can list them at domain aftermarkets for sale. Imagine a situation where a company or an individual came up with a name that matches with your domain – in this case expect them to contact you and sell that cheap domain for a solid returns.

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