Before Buying a Domain Name, Check CPC, EMD & AGE

Buying a domain name is easy but it takes time when you do appropriate research. Before you make domain purchase make sure following have been studied especially if it’s a keyword domain name.

1.CPC: A domain name whose cost per click is higher is usually valuable compare with domains that have a low cost per click or no cost per click advantage. Make sure your domain has a good cost per click before you register or bid for it. Cost per click is the amount an advertiser is willing to pay when you click a particular keyword. The more the competition for a given keyword the higher the CPC and vice versa.

2.EMD: Exact match search is also important for domaining. An exact match search must be above 1000+ searches globally and the cost per click should not be too low.

3.AGE: Age is another prime factor related to domain names. It’s believed that all good .com as well as .net, and .org were taken already by the end of year 2000. So your chances of having a good domain name for hand registration is nil. You may consider hand registering dropped domains that are not taken at auction and are about to get deleted from the domain registry.

A good cost per click with a decent amount of exact match searches along with a good age renders a domain name valuable for development as well as for resale.

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