Don’t Sell Expired Domain

Recently, I listed for sale using 7-day auction mode for one of my expired domain names which was in my Godaddy Account.

The minimum bid was set at $20 and it was sold for $20.

The minimum commission Godaddy takes is $15 or 20% of the sale amount

I sold the domain for $20.

Godaddy sent me a message informing they cant move domain to buyer and asked me to renew.

I renewed it paying $10 with all applicable taxes.

Now, as per the terms. Godaddy will send me $5 to my paypal account.

domain sold20
renewal fee-10
in pocket-5

Lesson learned – dont list expired name for aution. If you are sure it is gonna sell for more than it’s worth. If your domain falls under redemption you may have to pay $80-$100 to renew and deliver it to the buyer.

Good practice would be to not list an expired domain. Because Godaddy will approve listing as long as the domain is in your account. Their system don’t prohibit expired domains listing even manually by the owner.

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