Don’t Settle for a Second Class Domain Name

Domaining is all about picking the right names and results will follow automatically. Picking a right domain name is challenging especially when you can’t afford to spend too much in order to increase your portfolio. Most of the domainers have a limited budget to play around names. If by mistake a domainer picks wrong names then it leads to no sales and no parking revenue. Means, expenses on registration and renewals will continue without any revenues.

Hence, it’s important that a careful thought and research be carried out on names which you think hold potential. Domaining is not just deciding on some names and registering it, it’s much more.

Here are some points which should be remembered, to avoid buying second class names:

-> Avoid buying a good two word name but with a hyphen and in a plural form, for example: is different from

-> A brandable name that may lack an instant appeal for a name that can be termed as really brandable.

-> A very good generic name but with a Typo

-> A good two word generic name but in an extension which is not readily saleable.

-> Avoid buying a name which is available in an alternative synonym but it’s not so popular. For example, Glucose test is more popular than sugar test as per exact match domain search results.

-> Avoid buying hand registration of domains with a very long term perspective. With so many extensions coming out, any new domain should be brought with an intention to flip it within 1-2 years or so.

-> Avoid buying names based on Googles broad search results. Often newbies get confused in knowing the difference between broad and exact match search results.

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