End User Email and An Offer

Recently I decided to reach some end user for one my domain YardBarn (com). I sent around couple of emails mentioning the name and a link to buy it from SEDO. Just two days passed and I got an offer for $150 through SEDO. I’ve not received any reply from the end user but I guessed it was one of the end user who instead of emailing me back decided to use SEDO to give me an offer. At SEDO you can check the registration date of the person who is making you an offer. And, when I checked it was just a day before – so it was very clear to me that it was from one of my email recipient for that domain.

The offer was very low as I remember winning this name via Namejet for just that amount. It is really hard to sell for such a low figure as it’s a part of Domaining to make a good profit. I gave the end user Estibot value of the domain which was around 4k and asked him for 3k.

The next day, the buyer cancelled the order.

I was ready to negotiate it for a four figure sale but not a three figure. Anyway, what I realized that sending end user emails especially for domains that can be used as an upgrade by companies may worth your time. The buyer may not contact you directly, but may place an offer from the landing page.

3 thoughts on “End User Email and An Offer”

  1. I always wonder why people cancel the negotiation and try to at least present their best offer and mention it.

    Anyhow, I can only see the year I think so at Sedo who has opened an account but not the exact day of the opening on account. Could you guide me to that…


  2. I too wonder why prospective buyers don’t think of negotiation. Well, I rechecked it and found that in an offer received section – click the domain on which offers were made, it will open the offer thread. In the thread you can click ‘information about the buyer’ and it will show you month and year but not the day. (Sorry I mentioned ‘day’ in the post)
    I think ‘month’ information is good enough too.

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