Fast Track to Success in Domaining

Some have the opinion that it’s not the right time to be in Domaining. It means, if you’re starting to be a part of domain name business from now onwards then you’re probably not going to make it. It’s correct for those who are looking to make big bucks but if you’re focusing to make some decent profit out of Domaining then the following requirements are needed to be fulfilled in order to have a fast track to success in Domaining.

1. Your first goal should be to buy 3 character/letter domain names at reasonable prices. Avoid hyphenated and numerically associated domains when you choose a three letter name.

1. : Try to buy as many 4 letter domains as you can. The 4Letter domains are quite lucrative. And, there is a demand for this genre of domain names and it’s not so expensive to get it from auction houses. If 3 letter domain names are beyond your budget then 4 letter domains are the way to go.

2. Premium generic names: Buy premium generic domain names with high search preferably 5000 plus with a dot com extension. It pays to buy from end users who are not interested to hold that domain any longer.

4. Dot Com only: Invest in dot com only related domain names so that the chance of flipping them for sale are higher. If you go through the sales of domain names, you’ll notice that dot com is superior over all other top level domains.

5. Start a blog: Start your online domain blog, make friends, connect with other Domainers and list your domain for sale at your own web site. This increases the chance to sell your domain names.

6. Marketing: Engage brokers, send end user emails and try to reach decision makers who may be interested to buy your domain name. This is very important to sell what you’ve bought.

Above are sure steps you can take to make profit by investing in domain names. The market is still open and active. It had proved to be advantageous for those who have started Domaining way back in 1990’s or even in year 2000 but it doesn’t mean the market is close for the newbies. But, before you buy any domain name do proper research and exercise due diligence in order to put your hands on claim free domain names.

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