Find Domain Sold Venues

Domain names like any other commodity on earth sell every day whether in turbulent or COVID times like the one in which we are living or a very ordinary – regular life or pre COVID life.

New businesses need a name to start and existing businesses need a name to name their products and services. Whatever be the reason – the demand for domain names is regular and uninterrupted.

But, if you want to find which domain is sold and who sold them and where the sale took place? what do you do?

Here are some venues where domain sales are published some are verified and some are unverified. – publishes sales every day – it covers sales happening at Godaddy,, DAN, BuyDomains, Namejet, SEDO, Dropcatch, etc. Generally, it shows the domain name, venue sold at, and amount it fetched.

Namepros: I have link sales reported as of the current date. Domain investors across the globe participate every day at Namepros forum through various discussion threads. One is Sales reported Thread – where sellers report their sales ranging from the small-dollar amounts to even thousands of dollars.

Twitter: If you are not following domain investors at Twitter then FOMO (Fear of missing out) holds true for you. Not all domain investors participate or are active at Namepros. But, you can catch-up with them through Their Twitter handle. Just fine domain investors – follow them. And, you will see sales published by them on Twitter. An another record for sales.

Emails: No link. If you build relationship with your fellow domainers – you can ask them through email – if any sale they did – and, they may confidentially send it to you. Domain investors are always good at helping fellow investors. So, build relationships pays off to learning wise.

Whatsapp Group: Domain investors share their sales thru the WhatsApp group also. If you are a member of any such group – you will be having first-hand information about sales happening.

Brandable Marketplace: If you have domains at Brandbucket – you can access their brandbucket.slack channel. Once you are in – you can load the completed sales thread/section – that displays sales manually shared by domain investors. At the same time, Squadhelp also shares sales made by its investors thru its Dashboard facility. I have accounts at both these Brandable sites – So, I know how it works.

Blogs: Reading blogs can also tell you about sales that were not reported at Namebio or DNJournal. reports sales often unearthed by George Kirikos and also where sales by Mike Mann are reported. Actually, it’s the first website you must read to understand how domains work. It regularly publishes weekly sales reports.

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