Greater Waiting Greater Rewards? Not Necessary!

In domain investing – one saying is very popular ‘patience pays off well.’ Those who wait in great length can reap greater rewards. And, we have seen it happening in the domain investing business.

Someone buying a domain name in the early stage of dot com boom today is selling the same domain in 100k or more and above. (Not all but those premium names). They have waited for a long. They were having the foresightedness to foresee a glorious future ahead dominated by online businesses, trading, communities, social groups, and so on.

But, is it really necessary you should wait long to reap benefits in the domain investing world?

Well, recently I gone thru some tweets by domain investors that also confirmed that greater rewards also come to those who find the needle in the haystack. And, those who take a lesson from another sale and finds an appropriate and very relevant name to sell.

If you read the above tweets by respective investors you will notice that they hardly waited for the right end-user to come and ask for the domain.

Instead, they were good finders – so good that it helps them reap greater rewards. For example, EmpireNames just hold for a month their domain Naturo….(as above) for a period of one month. And, put it in the auction which got them 557% ROI as per

In another example, Luc Biggs took the inspiration from Joseph Ciprut and closed the deal in a span of 7 days for a little more than 10x of ROI as per his tweet.

The above two sales are just the tip of the iceberg. These investors were generous to share/tweet and make public their successes which of course is helpful to investors at all levels.

Thanks, Empire_Names & Luc Biggs

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