How registrars sell single name in multiple TLDs?

New domain steps:
1. Visiting the domain registrar website
2. Entering in the domain search box the name you wish to register
3. Hitting the Enter Key
4. Waiting for the results
5. Name of your choice is not available
6. Repeating steps from 2 to 4
7. Name is available
8. You add it to the cart
9. You go through some more steps of registering who you are if you’re a new registrant

And, you’re all set to place the order. But, before you place the order – the registrar will request you to register your name in other TLDs like .net, .org with the saying “Protect your brand further by registering under these TLDs’. Further, it may ask you to be local too by requesting you to register the name under ccTLD.

If a registrant agrees to all these a single name gets registered at least in 5 top level extensions.

First time registrant don’t feel the pain as they see it as a US$50 game and may or may not renew some of the TLDs when domain renewal due date comes.

But it’s important that non-domainers should weigh all pros and cons before registering a single name under several top level extensions. Every penny counts and it’s wise that domain registrants take notice of this instead of being got sold-out by the domain registries marketing tactics.

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