Intelligent Ways To Promote Your Domain Name

I own and recently I received an offer on it and I made a counter offer.
To me is a unique and very brandable domain name which is sure to be of great value to the right owner.

Well, to ascertain true value of this domain name, I went throught some domains containing ‘clothing’ in it and I came across this interesting post under website.

It list 8 ways of a promoting a domain name which are as follows:

This Premium Domain Name for a Fixed Price.

This Great Domain Name for a Monthly Fee.

With us to Share the Name and Ownership as a JV.

And Exchange this Premium Domain with One of Yours.

This Name, Traffic, Profits, and Knowledge to Develop with Us.

This Great Domain Name and Use it for Charity Purposes Only.

A Sub-domain of this Domain Name for Benevolent Cause.

An Email Address for this Domain Name for a Specific Purpose

I think above ideas are really good and it shows also how a domain can be put to different uses.

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