Moved My Domains to Uniregistry Market

I moved my domain names to Uniregistry market. Earlier I was using SEDO’s DNS and all of my names were parked there. And, there was hardly any earnings from parking. I found Uniregistry’s platform and service quite appropriate for the type of domains I currently own. I decided to give it a try and results so far were quite satisfactory.

Following advantages I noted with Uniregistry’s domain landing pages:

Inquiries on my domains are now coming regularly
I am able to forward inquiries on my domains to the brokers who keep following the buyer
Impressive domain market platform loaded with lots of features for better analysis

At SEDO I was not having good inquiries and one of the reason I doubt is maybe because of the parking status of my domains. I am clueless to conclude that parking of domains may actually not bring inquiries. Potential buyer may wrongly think a parked domain as an active site. But, if you’re not parking a good domain with traffic there is a loss of parking revenue. Deciding which domain to park and which to not is an important issue.

I think after Brokerage has merged with the opportunities to benefit from their platform is now open to all the domainers.

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