Pick The Domain From The Availability Stage

When internet was new. And, so domain names were also new. At that time, the life-cycle of domain names was same as it is.:

Life Cycle of a Typical gTLD Domain Name - ICANN

During olden days – getting good and commercially viable domain names when it gets dropped or deleted was no brainer. There were in plenty available for backordering as well as available again after drop. The competition was less and the investors who envisioned domain names to become valuable assets in future were less also.

But, now it is tough to acquire domain names on drop. Few and few good domain names are dropping. The competition is quite alarming. And, so, it is tough for someone with smaller budget to enter and avail domain names opportunities.

One tip I think is important is chosing the private route to acqurie domain names directly from the registered owners. In this way. You change the process of acquiring domain names. In the regular domain lifecycle process – one has to wait until the domain gets drop and is in pending delete status. Then, after bids from many investors it goes to auction and winner is the one who pays more.

You reverse the process. You select the domain names you want and are available not necessarily for sale. But, are available because there is no already developed website. The domain is not owned by an investor. If you follow this process – you acquire the domain privately. This was you eliminate the competition.

If selling domains is a number game – acquiring domain names is also a number game!. You bid on many but very few you catch (based on your budget.) similarly, for acquiring names privately. You send requests for information to many registered owners. But, very few may entertain your request. But, those few can change the course of your domain name investing model.

Email Template to acquiring names privately:

Hi Prospect,

I’m interested in a domain name you own – <DomainName>.com. Let me know if you would accept $1999 for it?


The key to acquiring better domain names is to pick it right from the availability stage by inquiring it privately.

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