Sell Domains Not Ads

Just yesterday I changed my Godaddy based domain nameservers to NS3 and NS4 – Afternic. This change canceled my NS1 and NS2 nameservers.

NS1 and NS2 Afternic nameservers display ads as well as a contact link

NS3 and NS4 – talk purely business and are domain friendly.

I realized since I am into selling domain names and not Advertising. I decided to change nameservers

Gone are those days when parking revenue considered a good additional income to help one renew the domain names.

But, parking is altogether a different game. And, here are some disadvantages to it:

  1. Buyer Confusion: Domain landers using parking layout confuses the buyer. The buyer who visits the lander with the intention to know more about the domain acquisition gets confused seeing different kinds of ads welcoming his screen.
  2. The Buyer may see it as a suspicious link: Ads may be good – but sometimes domain buyers may have enabled the pop-up-blocker or ad blocker which warns them about the page they visit. When the app detects advertising links. This may or may not be the case with all systems. But, to be at safe-side, avoiding parking ads is better
  3. Trademarks: One obvious reason why domain investors should not display ads/or opt for parking is the issue with the trademarks. If the keywords in a domain are proprietary.
  4. Selling Domains: Domain investing is about buying and selling domains. It’s the core idea of the business. The parking revenue model is not the one a domain investor should be aiming for. So, sell domains – not ads
  5. Develop it: Developing a domain rather than parking should be the second option for the domain investors.
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