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Sometimes it becomes quite difficult to find out the person to whom you can send an email to let them know that your domain name is for sale. What you will do?

Not Finding Contact

  • No email address is available on the website
  • Cannot find the whois thru who is records or the address is just masked
  • No contact page available at the website also
  • No email information is available thru Google also.
  • Sending to generic email addresses like, , , , , , , goes to undelivered mail box

In this situation, the last option available to outbound is thru the subscription to the newsletter box if it’s available. You subscribe to their newsletter. Confirms your email to solicit your response to receive the emails. You can then send your outbound message to the email that is shown when you have

I followed this method for 2 such domains I owned. And, I got the response but they were not interested. Though it was an exact match for their company name.

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