Types of Domain Selling

A domain name goes from one person or an entity to another in various forms of transactions. And, it’s interesting to note these types and here they are:

Registrar to Registrant: In this transaction a domain name is searched by the registrant under registrar’s search engine to find and register a domain. Technically it’s a domain sold by a registrar to a registrant. A registrant can be an enduser or simply a domainer.

Domainer to Domainer: In this transaction a domain name gets sold from one domainer to an another domainer. The other domnainer purchases the domain to add it to his portfolio from domainers who are looking to get some instant cash in return for some of their good names.

Domainer to Domain Broker: A domain broker sometimes buys a domain from a domainer in order to sell it to an enduser. Many domain brokers build their portfolio by adding domains irrespective of whether there is an immediate client requirement exist for that domain or not.

Domainer to enduser In this scenario an enduser directly contacts the domainer to purchase a domain in order to start a fresh business with a fresh name or just to upgrade their already existing domain name.

Enduser to a domainer: In this case the domainer contacts the enduser or the domain owner to purchase the name privately. There are some endusers who has some real good quality names but are not much aware of the domain industry or they just don’t have the time. If they find offers to be reasonable they sell it to the domainers or the company inquiring about the name.

Lost UDRP Domain Sale: In this situation a company files an UDRP on a domain name and then loses it in the court when judges denies the transfer of a disputed domain to the complainant. The complainant later seek a deal with the domain owner to get the domain. Usually it ends up in a huge sale.

Domain Lost in a UDRP Although it’s not a selling of a domain but some domains are just transferred to the complainant from the domain owner if it infringes on any of their existing trademarks.

Domain Portfolio Selling This sale comprises of whole portfolio of domains from one company or a domainer to an another company or a domainer. The transaction volume in such sales is quite large.

An Aftermarket Sale Perhaps it’s the most popular form of a domain sale. In this form a domain is sold by an aftermarket domain company to the successful bidder or the only person who had backordered a domain. Many domain registrars also operate their own domain aftermarket to make financial gains from dropped domains under their own domain database.

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