Understanding Your Numeric Domains

The days are gone when numeric domains were once considered as pure garbage except three number and four number domains. Today, the scenario has changed. The advent of Chinese investors into domaining has not only given meanings to numerical domains but also helped the numerics domains to have an aftermarket value. As of this writing – all NNNNN and also NNNNNN area all registered especially under .com and many are being registered everyday under .net and other TLDs such as .club, xyz, .top, .mobi and and so on.

The future for numeric domains seems to get brighter with the passage of each day. If you review the Namebio especially for numerics you’ll get a picture of how prices are increasing each day for available number domains in 5n and 6n categories. even, 7, 8, 9, digit numbers with some quirky patterns seems to selling well in the marketplace.

But, the question is if numbers have meaning then how would you understand that. It’s really a question which is being asked by many domainers and everyone has its own definition. We are all learning what numbers indicate. It’s not just enough to know 8 means lucky and 4 means death. There is more to it. And, if you don’t pay attention you may under-price your domain and sell it cheap. The key here is understanding the numerics better.

I’ve combined here some resources to help you understand the numerics:

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  1. Great AbdulBasit, It’s good to note that you’re holding few 5Ns. (I’ve one with 2 eights but 1 four) Since only 100,000 5N.com’s are there it’s like an important asset to hold for long time. Thanks for your comment.

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