Virology|OutbreakLab Reg

One thing which I don’t want to do in domain name business – is to hand register a domain name. The probability of selling a hand reg domain name is often quite low. And, year by year you’ll end up paying for it renewal. Without knowing when it will sell.

Despite such a warning – I do some hand registration. And, here are they: With all the information on COVID19 getting available. And, the Coronavirus (SARs Cov 2) out there. I thought more and more people will start developing an interest in Virology. Virology is the branch of science that deals with the study of viruses. And, the person who becomes an expert is called a Virologist. I am planning to develop it. But, to do this I may need to do a lot of reading on Virology which is not on my immediate plan. So, I have put it for a sale. What is an outbreak? Outbreak means a sudden occurrence of something unwelcome, such as war or disease. COVID19 or SARSCOV2 (Novel Corona Virus) is such an outbreak. Now it’s no more an outbreak. It’s now a pandemic which means (of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world. Again this domain is virus related. And, LAB is a great scientific suffix. Also, I have put up for the sale of this domain. Not related to COVID19. Sometimes I pick a name that fulfills the naming criteria usually followed by many businesses. I have noticed that many businesses while choosing names go for a two-word combination. The first word is often an adjective or a noun that describes the quality. And, the second word is related to industry or type of business. Here Imperial is an adjective that pertains to an empire. And, fresh is for all organic produce out there. There are some end-users using Imperial and Fresh in their domains.

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