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There was a song from this movie the lines are ‘choti si mulaqat pyar bangayi | pyar banke gale ka haar bangayi| Yaa, Yaa, Yippi Yippi Ya Ya Ya

When this song ringed in my mind – I said ‘Yippy’ is a good brandable word. And, even though I knew it’s taken in .com – I just searched it. And, I find a search engine Yippy.com

Yippy is a metasearch engine that groups search results into clusters.[2][3] It was originally developed and released by Vivísimo in 2004 under the name Clusty, before Vivisimo was later acquired by IBM and Yippy was sold in 2010 to a company now called Yippy, Inc. At the time, the website received 100,000 unique visitors a month … Wikipedia

I browsed it for some time. And, used some of my domain names to find end users. One thing I noticed – It’s giving results exact to the keyword searched for. And, for a quick glance of prospective end-users, it works well.

For example, I have a domain 1holdings.com and when I searched in it I found some interesting end-users using a similar domain. Those results were not available when searched in Google – at least in the first page itself.

So, I started using it. And, thought of sharing through this blog post. Try it – it’s a simple and good search engine. Not an alternative to Google – but, worth experiencing.

Here is the result look:

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