Domain Names

Intended Vs Actual Use of Top Level Domains

TLD/ccTLD Intended For Actual Use COM Commercial Entities Used for general purposes and is widely regarded as the standard for TLDs NET Network infrastructure ISPs; miscellaneous sites; used sometimes when desired name is not available in .com ORG Miscellaneous organizations not fitting in other categories (generally noncommercial) Nonprofits; personal sites; open-source projects; some government websites; …

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Four Important Domain Quadrant

Following is the list of common domain investing activities: It’s divided into four important domain quadrant: (1) Learning (2)Buying (3)Selling and (4)Managing. I have tried to thought out every aspect. And, I think the following sums up it quite nicely: But, appreciate the feedback. Domain Investing Quadrants Learning Reading feed and reading blog posts …

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