Trademark UDRP Denied

Just received WIPO’s newsletter “WIPO Domain Name Decisions – November 12, 2018” and found one interesting domain name ‘’ the urdp for which was denied. I cannot remember reading or noticing that this domain was a subject of UDRP. Well, It’s a clean win for the respondent. Legally is too generic and someone putting an UDRP to … UDRP Denied Read More »

Is Combosquatting On The Rise?

A recent study reveals that Combosquatting is on rise. Domainsquatting is a known-term where a domain registrant registers trademarked based domain names. Then what is Combosquatting? Well, according to the study combosquatting is form of domain squatting, in which the attacker register domain names with very popular trademarks with one or more additional phrases, for …

Is Combosquatting On The Rise? Read More »