10 Domain Investors Twitter Account To Follow

On 14th October – I read a tweet from the DomainKing® – Rick Schwartz in which he mentioned the top 10 Domain Investors Twitter Account To Follow. He writes I feel a DEEP PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to set NEW #domain investors on right path so I follow only 10. When I looked at the accounts he follows it showed not 10 but 12. I figured out that those two were Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump and Joe Biden @JoeBiden which are political leaders.

So, here are those ten domain investing related accounts which he follows and I think most of the domain investors are already following them. The Domain King also included his own Twitter handle. So, it’s 11 you need to follow to stay up-to-date.

So, here is a little more details about the above top 11 Twitter handles:

@DomainKing – Purveyor of THE VERY FINEST #DomainNames
Candy/.com Punchbowl/. com Property/.com Cheapest/.com Luv/.com VirtualTours/.com Homemade/.com + 6500 #Domains Crown #DomainName. And, he gives a link to his website DomainKing.com. It’s not mentioned but he also has a blog titled Ricksblog.com which says “The Domain King’s® thoughts on domain names, web traffic, increasing web sales, success, life, and plain-old Business & Marketing 101. Nothing happens until a sale is made! About

@thedomains – Domain Investor, Blogger on Domain Industry; Domain Sales, Branding; Internet & Economic News; Crypto; Pop Culture; Retired Lawyer. Website – TheDomains.com which is an industry news site publishing up-to-date content created by domain name experts. Since its launch in 2007, the site has become the leading source for domain information and discussion. TheDomains.com || Michael H. Berkens – Editor-in-Chief and Raymond Hackney – Managing Editor

@DNJournal – Owned by Ron Jackson who runs DNJournal.com which is the first domain industry news magazine started in the year 2003 and still going strong. It publishes weekly sales which is very popular.

@DomainingCom – which writes on its Twitter handle “domaining is the business of making money with domain names.” Website – Domaining.com which offers bloggers the option of news feeds.

@andrewrosener – writes “Domain Broker, CEO & Founder @mediaoptions || Publisher @DomainSherpa || @ganjapreneur and Angel Investor. Love #bitcoin like a fat kid loves cake. See more: http://Drew.com – And, DomainSherpa.com – MediaOptions.com

@DomainNameWire – writes “Domain Name Wire domain news by Andrew Allemann: new TLDs, domain investing, UDRP, domain name sales. Website – DomainNameWire.com more about

@onlinedomaincom – Domain news: http://OnlineDomain.com || – Domain sales: http://Sold.Domains ||@SoldDomains – Offers – Domain consulting, Website development, Digital marketing, #domains #domainnames. About

@MorganDOTLinton Bay Area native. Co-founder @boldmetrics || I investing in domain names rather than stocks or real estate and write about it daily on http://MorganLinton.com. About. I would like to thank him for following me on twitter.

@DInvesting – President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a domain name investment firm. Publisher of https://DomainInvesting.com. General Manager of https://Embrace.com. About Elliot Silver

@AmmarKubba – “Entrepreneur • Learner • Investor • Adviser • Lover of Life • Master of My Domain. Website – Kubba.com where he gives a little glimpse of his bio “Entrepreneur, investor, adviser, and a lifelong learner. I’m currently building afterTHOUGHT, an investment and advisory firm with diverse holdings, including internet domain names, cryptocurrency, intellectual property, private equity, and real estate. Over the years, I’ve founded, acquired, grown, and exited multiple businesses, including Thought Convergence, DomainTools, TrafficZ, Aftermarket, Agreed, LeaseThis, @identity, and AutoBio. #AmorFati”

@michael_saylor – MicroStrategy (MSTR) Founder, Chairman, and CEO, MIT alumnus, author of The Mobile Wave, Trustee of The Saylor Foundation ( @saylordotorg – ) http://saylor.org, #Bitcoin. I learned about him after the Voice(.)com sale. Domain Sherpa writes about him “MIT-trained rocket scientist Michael Saylor was at the heart of the development of the internet back in the day, co-founding MicroStrategy, which continues to be a leader in business intelligence, mobile software, and cloud-based services. Last June, he sold the domain name Voice.com for $30 million. Today, he continues to make waves, recently becoming the first CEO of a publicly-traded company to convert over $400 million of the Microstrategy’s balance sheet into Bitcoin.” Interview

In my opinion, if you are on Twitter and engaged in domain investing – all the above accounts are very important to follow. At least the first 9 accounts. They not only tweet but have their own blog where industry updates are regularly shared. And, the best thing to find the new blog post is to subscribe to their respective newsletters or to follow the domaining.com feed every day. Although there are many more twitter accounts one can follow and are a great source too. But, in this post, I have analyzed what the DomainKing® favorited.

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