Above 5 Million Dollar Domain Sales

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Are you interested in knowing the Above 5 Million Dollar Domain Sales? I guess yes. But, in this post only .com based 5 million and above worth domain sales are shared. I have used the Namebio.com to extract this report. But, if you want to find 1000000 and above sales – you have to apply these filters. You may change the numeral value in the price range filter according to your requirement

Total sales are 17 and $157.4 Million Dollar Volume at 9.3Million Average – With 5.8M Standard Deviation.

Further Analysis

  • in total 11 domain names sold above for more than 5M were English dictionary based
  • in total 1 domain name is GEO based domain such as Korea
  • in total 2 domains is an acronym – a single letter ‘Z’.com and 2 Letter ‘FB’.com
  • in total 3 domains is a financial domain name that is HealthInsurance – Fund and ‘Z’ .coms
  • in total 7 domains were adult and gambling-related. So, not checked its status.
  • ‘Diamond’.com is up for sale at Epik.com. It has a good video and a quote that says “Be like a Diamond, precious and rareā€¦Not like a stone, that is found everywhere.”- Ritu Gatourey
  • ‘We’.com webpage is not responding
  • Toys.com forwards to Toysrus.com website.
  • Fund.com is for sale when you click inquire domain.
  • Asseenontv.com forwards to BulbHead.com website
  • Korea.com is fully operational and active website
  • FB.com as you know forwards to Facebook.com
  • Voice.com is an active website and as per its FAQ page “Voice is a social media platform that empowers communities, champions realness, and respects user data. By requiring identity authentication and limiting one account per person, Voice aims to create a new and trusted social experience, free from bots and fake accounts. Voice is designed to benefit its users above all else. The value created by quality content is returned to the community through the Voice Token, a utility token that fuels content promotion on the platform. “
  • Also refer to my top domain sales analysis page here

These are the reported sales as recorded by Namebio.com. Also, follow the Disclaimer – Sales data is believed to be correct, though its accuracy is not guaranteed. Please do your own due diligence before investing.

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